Chapter 6. Clustered deployment: Workplace Collaboration Services 421
6.10.2 Enabling Search in the cluster
When using Portal Document Manager in a clustered environment, the Search
does not work because the search index location is not available to all the
machines in the cluster. To enable Search for a clustered environment, edit the file on each machine in the cluster to reference the shared
WPCPIndex directory that you created when you set up the Network Deployment
Modifying the file
Perform the following steps on every server in the cluster:
1. Navigate to the <was_root>\wpcp\config\WebSphere_Portal\author directory.
2. Open the file with a text editor.
3. Locate the following statement: #wcm.indexedsearch.path=/
4. Remove the # comment marker: wcm.indexedsearch.path=/
5. Add the path to the shared directory at the end of the statement.
For example:
6. Save your changes.
Updating the search index
To update the search index, perform the following steps:
1. Navigate to the shared directory you specified in the wcm.indexedsearch.path
property, and if a search index file exists, delete it.
2. Update the search index.
You can either wait until the next scheduled update occurs, or you can change
the interval to the shortest possible time to force the update to occur sooner.
For complete details refer to the Managing documents Document
Manager Search topic in the WebSphere Portal Information Center at:
3. Verify that the update process is complete by going to the directory where the
search index file is located and monitoring the disk space used by the file.
4. When the size of the file stabilizes, the update is complete.
Note: Always use a forward slash in this path, regardless of the operating

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