Chapter 2. Planning 23
򐂰 Static IP address with an entry in DNS.
򐂰 Configured fully qualified host name. Workplace Collaboration Services must
be able to resolve an IP address from its fully qualified host name. To ensure
that the host name is correctly configured in DNS, type one of these
commands at the command line of another server in the network:
–Windows: nslookup
–Linux: dig
2.1.3 Software requirements
This section lists the supported versions of software for IBM Workplace
Collaboration Services.
Supported operating systems
One of the following supported operating systems is required on the server
where Workplace Collaboration Services will be installed:
򐂰 IBM AIX 5L V5.2 with Maintenance Level 4
򐂰 IBM AIX 5L V5.3
򐂰 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4
򐂰 Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 4
򐂰 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
򐂰 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
򐂰 Red Hat Enterprise AS for Linux (x89) 2.1 (both clustered and non-clustered
configurations) and 3.0 (non-clustered configurations only)
򐂰 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, 2.4 Kernel for Intel x86
򐂰 Sun Solaris 9 Fix Level 12-2002; Fix Level 112951-08
Supported databases
The IBM DB2 UDB software provided with Workplace Collaboration Services is
licensed for use only with Workplace Collaboration Services.
Important: WebSphere Application Server Enterprise V5.0.2.6 and
WebSphere Portal Enable for Multiplatforms V5.0.2.2 are installed
automatically with Workplace Collaboration Services. It is not possible to
install Workplace Collaboration Services on top of an existing WebSphere
Application Server or WebSphere Portal installation.
24 IBM Workplace Collaboration Services: Release 2.5 Deployment Guide
The following databases are supported:
򐂰 +IBM Cloudscape V5.1
򐂰 +IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server Edition V8.1 (all platforms)
Fix Pack 4a and the hot fix for Fix Pack 7a are included for Windows
Fix Pack 7a is available from:
򐂰 IBM DB2 Universal Database Workgroup Server Edition V8.1 with Fix
Pack 7a
򐂰 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 3 and Service Pack 3a
򐂰 Oracle Enterprise Edition 9i Release 2 (
Supported HTTP servers
Workplace Collaboration Services comes with an internal HTTP server provided
with WebSphere Application Server, but using an optional, separate HTTP server
can improve performance with Collaborative Learning and other Workplace
Collaboration Services products. An external HTTP server is also required for the
IBM Workplace Managed Client provisioning server. The Workplace
Collaboration Services package does not include an external HTTP server. The
supported HTTP servers are:
򐂰 Apache HTTP Server 1.3.26 and 1.3.28
򐂰 IBM HTTP Server V1.3.26.1 and
򐂰 IBM HTTP Server V2.0.42.1 and
򐂰 IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server (as Web server) V5.0.9a
򐂰 Microsoft IIS 5.0
򐂰 Sun Java System Web Server (formerly Sun ONE Web Server), Enterprise
Edition 6.0 with Service Pack 4
Note: This database is installed by default and can be substituted with any
of the other supported databases.
Note: Software marked with a plus sign (+) is shipped with Workplace
Collaboration Services.
Chapter 2. Planning 25
Supported LDAP directory servers
Workplace Collaboration Services installs with a default WebSphere Member
Manager custom user registry, but can be configured to run with the following
LDAP directory servers:
򐂰 +IBM Tivoli Directory Server V5.2
򐂰 IBM Lotus Domino Server (as LDAP server) V6.5.1
򐂰 Microsoft Active Directory 2000
򐂰 Microsoft Active Directory 2003
򐂰 Novell eDirectory server 8.7
򐂰 Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2 with Fix Pack 3
Supported directory integration product
The following application supports the import of users from other mail systems
and provides directory integration for Workplace Collaboration Services:
򐂰 +IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator V5.2
Supported server Java development kits
Workplace Collaboration Services supports the following Java development kits
򐂰 JDK™ 1.3.1
򐂰 JDK 1.4.2 (non-programmable embedded components)
Supported third-party single sign-on (SSO) products for the
browser client
Workplace Collaboration Services supports the following third-party single
sign-on (SSO) products for the browser client:
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Access Manager V4.1
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Access Manager V5.1
Note: If the LDAP server is Lotus Domino V6.5.1, Workplace Collaboration
Services supports searches of secondary Domino directories that are
designated as “Domain type: Notes” in a directory assistance database on the
Note: Software marked with a plus sign (+) is shipped with Workplace
Collaboration Services.

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