180 IBM Workplace Managed Client 2.6 on Linux
6.2.2 IBM Support Assistant Support Links component
The Support Links tab in the IBM Support Assistant interface provides users with
“one-stop-shopping” for links to all of their product information needs. It contains
links to the individual product home pages, support sites, and any
IBM-sponsored newsgroups or forums that exist. Therefore, to obtain more
information about a particular product, instead of searching the Web or trying to
find it on the IBM Web site, simply access the home page directly from IBM
Support Assistant. Figure 6-6 shows the Support Links tab.
Figure 6-6 IBM Support Assistant Support Links tab
The tab is completely derived from the product plug-ins that are installed. If there
are no product plug-ins, this page is blank. However, because IBM Workplace
Managed Client bundles a number of product plug-ins, and they all leverage the
extension points provided by IBM Support Assistant, you can get to a number of
helpful sites with only a click or two.

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