154 IBM Workplace Services Express
To add it to your Document Manager Desktop Component, complete the
following steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Select the Document Manager node.
3. Right-click it and select Add Library.
Figure 4-16 Add a library using Windows Explorer
4. When prompted for the directory creation, click Yes.
4.2.3 Working with Microsoft Office applications
Workplace Services Express includes extensions for Microsoft Office Word,
Excel and PowerPoint.
Tip: Alternatively, you can select File Add Library from the Document
Manager window.
Chapter 4. Document management 155
These extensions supplement the Microsoft Office toolbars and menus you work
with every day, making it easy to edit, view, and save the documents you create
with Microsoft Office and store them in a Workplace Services Express secure,
shared repository. This means that you can use these familiar tools to view and
edit documents in the document libraries and automatically save changes back
to the server.
Workplace Services Express also has built-in editors for rich text, spreadsheet,
and presentation files, in case you do not have editing applications already
If you use a Linux system for your desktop, Workplace Services Express also
provides built-in editors for that environment. Workplace Services Express gives
you the flexibility to choose.
The following steps show how a Microsoft Word file can be created and uploaded
to Document Manager using the Desktop Components integration instead of a
browser and the portal:
1. Open Microsoft Word and create a Word file (.doc).
2. In Word, click File Document Manager Add to Library, as shown in
Figure 4-17.
Figure 4-17 Save in a document library using Microsoft Office
156 IBM Workplace Services Express
3. In the Add to Library window, as shown in Figure 4-18, you can specify the
following settings:
Click the document library and location where you want to save your
Enter the File name, Title, Description, and Language.
Figure 4-18 Add Document To Library
4. Click Add to add the document to the specified library, or click Cancel to stop
the action without adding the document.
As soon as you click Add, the document is uploaded to the Document Manager
server. An “Upload successful” message is shown near the Document Manager
Upload Monitor icon in the Windows task bar. To review the status of the current
upload and other recent uploads, double-click the Monitor icon in the taskbar to
open the Document Manager Upload Monitor window.
In the same way, you can load files from your library directly into your Microsoft
Office application using File Document Manager Open from Library, as
shown in Figure 4-19 on page 157.

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