272 IBM Workplace Services Express
Figure 6-68 Consolidated Mail portlet configured for Exchange
6.4.4 Configuring the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Mail portlet
To configure the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Mail portlet, complete the following
1. Start a browser and connect to Workplace Services Express, as in the
following example URL:
2. Log in to Workplace Services Express using the administrator ID, such as
3. Click Mail in the main toolbar menu, as shown in Figure 6-69.
Figure 6-69 Click Mail in the main toolbar menu
4. Click the palette slide-out page.
5. Click the Portlet category.
6. Click the Add link.
7. In the Search dialog box, enter Mail.
8. Select the Consolidated Mail portlet and add it to the palette.
Chapter 6. Advanced configuration topics 273
9. Now, right-click the Consolidated Mail portlet icon, and while holding it, drag
the portlet onto the page where you want to deploy the portlet.
10.Select the Configure portlet properties icon in the upper-right corner of the
11.Fill in your Exchange Server details:
–Version: exch55
Figure 6-70 Choose version
12.Click the portlet Edit icon.
13.Fill in your server’s details (see Figure 6-71 on page 274 and Figure 6-72 on
page 275):
Server: Enter the distinguished name of the Exchange 5.5 Server.
Use a secure connection: Select this option if you must use a secure
connection (HTTPS) to access the ASPs installed on the IIS machine.
User name: Enter the user name of the person using this portlet.
Password: Enter the password for this user.
Tip: When dragging a portlet onto a page or from a different location on a
page, remember that an orange bar will be displayed when you are over a
valid location to drop the portlet.
274 IBM Workplace Services Express
ASP Base URL: Enter the URL to the ASPs that were previously installed
on the IIS server. Do not prepend the protocol (http:// or https://) to this
Mailbox alias: Enter the mailbox alias for this user.
Figure 6-71 Fill in server details
Domain: Enter the Windows domain of this user.
Exchange Email address: Enter the e-mail address of this user.
Fill in other fields with user preferences.
Important: Domain refers to your Windows domain and not the
Exchange domain. This value can be found on the domain controller of
the Exchange Server. Find it by right-clicking My Computer and
selecting the Network Identification tab.

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