Related publications
The publications that are listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a more detailed discussion of the topics that are covered in this book.
IBM Redbooks
The following IBM Redbooks publications provide more information that is related to the z/OS V2R2 updates. Some publications that are referenced in this list might be available in softcopy only:
z/OS V2R2: JES2, JES3, and SDSF, SG24-8287-00
z/OS V2R2: Security, SG24-8288-00
z/OS V2R2: Storage Management and Utilities, SG24-8289-00
z/OS V2R2: Availability Management, SG24-8290-00
z/OS V2R2: Performance, SG24-8292-00
z/OS V2R2: Operations, SG24-8305-00
z/OS V2R2: Diagnostics, SG24-8306-00
z/OS V2R2: Sysplex, SG24-8307-00
z/OS V2R2: Unix System ...

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