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IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Computing Fundamentals Study Guide

Book Description

Test how well you know your way around a computer for the IC3 exam

IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Computing Fundamentals Study Guide is your ideal study guide to focus on the Computing Fundamentals exam module in preparation for the IC3 exam. This book covers hardware, software, peripherals, operating systems, and basic troubleshooting, presented in a clear, concise style. Hands-on examples and self-paced exercises show you how to perform critical tasks needed to pass the exam, and the companion website offers a diverse set of study tools including the Sybex test engine, a preassessment test, practice questions, and videos. Readers also gain access to electronic flashcards, and the chapter files needed to complete the exercises in the book.

This guide focuses on the Computing Fundamentals module helping you test your skills and solidify your understanding in preparation for the exam.

  • Review the various hardware components essential to the computer

  • Understand which peripherals are crucial, and which are nice to have

  • Brush up on basic troubleshooting for common minor issues

  • Master your operating system and fundamental software

  • When you are serious about certification, IC3 provides the practice that inspires self-confidence.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Who Should Read This Book?
      2. What's Inside?
      3. What's Included with the Book
      4. How to Contact Sybex
      5. IC3 GS4 Exam Objectives
    2. Assessment Test
    3. Answers to Assessment Test
    4. Chapter 1 Understanding Operating Systems
      1. Operating Systems and Their Roles When Using Computers and Devices
      2. Working with Files, Folders, and Libraries
      3. Customizing Your Computer
      4. Summary
      5. Exam Essentials
      6. Key Terms
      7. Review Questions
    5. Chapter 2 Understanding Hardware
      1. The Internal Hardware Components of a Computer
      2. Peripheral Devices That Can Be Connected to a Computer
      3. The Most Common Types of Computers and Devices
      4. How Information Is Transmitted inside a Computer
      5. How to Evaluate the Performance of a Computer or Device
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Key Terms
      9. Review Questions
    6. Chapter 3 Understanding Software
      1. The Dependencies between Hardware and Software
      2. Installing, Removing, or Reinstalling Software
      3. Software Licensing and Its Implications
      4. The Most Common Types of Office Applications
      5. Using Templates to Get Started with an Application
      6. Personal Entertainment Applications
      7. Compressing Files to Save Space
      8. Optimizing Your Computer’s Hard Disk Performance
      9. Protecting Yourself from Malware
      10. Summary
      11. Exam Essentials
      12. Key Terms
      13. Review Questions
    7. Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Problems with Your Computer
      1. Dealing with Problems Caused by Software
      2. Dealing with Problems Caused by Hardware
      3. Creating Your Own Backup System
      4. Summary
      5. Exam Essentials
      6. Key Terms
      7. Review Questions
    8. Appendix A Answers to Review Questions
      1. Chapter 1: Understanding Operating Systems
      2. Chapter 2: Understanding Hardware
      3. Chapter 3: Understanding Software
      4. Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Problems with Your Computer
    9. Appendix B Using the Practice Files
      1. IC3—Module 1: Computing Fundamentals
    10. Advert
    11. EULA