iConnected: Use AirPlay, iCloud, Apps, and More to Bring Your Apple Devices Together

Book description

Bring your Apple products together and enjoy an orchard of intelligent, unified technology!

Whether at work or at home, syncing multiple Apple devices can help you achieve an organized, streamlined, harmonized life. With this unique resource, you discover how to get the most out of AirPlay and iCloud, Apple's streaming and cloud services. Featuring a four-color design and packed with helpful codes, tips, and tricks, this accessible book shows you how to write a document on an iMac at home and then continue editing it on an iPad while on the go without worrying about synching the devices to each other. Perhaps you're interested in watching a movie on an iPhone during the commute home and then stream that movie to an HDTV via an Apple TV once you're back on the couch. Those are just a sneak preview of the tutorials in this book that will show you how to take full advantage of the cross-family integration of Apple's products.

  • Walks you through how to keep your documents, apps, e-mails, messages, and photos in sync across all of your iOS and Mac OS X devices

  • Shows you how to DJ your own event with music streaming via AirPlay to multiple speakers across your home or venue and even allow guests to add songs to the playlist via the cloud

  • Explains how you can give professional presentations direct from your Mac or iOS device on an HDTV or projector using AirPlay mirroring

  • Details ways to time shift your entertainment by accessing books, movies, music, TV shows, and games on all your devices, wherever you are

  • Guides you through instructions for playing games on your iPhone or iPad while viewing them on your HDTV

Get organized at work and at home with synced contacts, bookmarks, and e-mails on all of your devices via WiFi and cellular data with this book as your guide!

Table of contents

  1. iConnected Use AirPlay, iCloud, Apps, and More to Bring Your Apple Devices Together
    1. About the Author
    2. Acknowledgments
  2. A Brief History of Apple Online
    1. We’ve come a long way, baby
    2. The eWorld Debacle
    3. New Beginnings with iTools
    4. The Year of .Mac
    5. It’s Not You, It’s MobileMe
    6. And Then There Was iCloud
    7. Notes on This Book
  3. iCloud Explained
    1. Why Do You Need iCloud?
    2. What Hardware and Software Do You Need?
      1. iCloud Compatibility
    3. Do You Need to Buy Storage?
    4. What Is an Apple ID?
    5. Do You Already Have iCloud?
    6. Set Up iCloud on All Your Devices
    7. What Is AirPlay?
      1. Use Siri to Get More Information
    8. Where Is the AirPlay Button?
  4. Access Your Music and Movies on All Your Devices
    1. Download Your Previous iTunes Purchases on Any iCloud Device
    2. Turn on Automatic iTunes Downloads
    3. Sync iTunes Store Previews with iCloud
    4. Use iTunes Match
  5. Stream Music and Movies across Your Home
    1. The AirPlay Alternative
    2. Are You AirPlay-Ready Already?
    3. What Do You Want AirPlay to Do for You?
    4. Test Your AirPlay Network
    5. Stream Music and Other Audio
    6. Stream Audio from iTunes
    7. Stream Audio from Other Apps
      1. Get Your Video Ready for Streaming
    8. Stream Video via AirPlay
      1. Android and AirPlay
      2. A Day in the Life: Streaming Music and Movies
    9. Slingbox and Other Streaming Alternatives
    10. The Bluetooth Alternative to AirPlay
  6. Entertain Yourself from the Couch
    1. Play Games
    2. Remote-Control Your Entertainment
      1. The Miracle of Music Recognition
    3. Use the iTunes Store on an Apple TV
      1. TV Guide Apps
      2. Watch Cable and Satellite TV on Your iOS Device
    4. Control Set-Top Boxes and Other Devices
      1. Watch More Sports with Your iOS Device
  7. Take, Sync, and Share Photos
    1. Set Up Photo Stream
      1. Share Video Streams
    2. Share Photo Streams
    3. Share Photo Journals with the iPhoto App
    4. Send Photos via E-mail on an iOS Device
    5. Send Photos to Social Media Sites from an iOS Device
    6. Store Images in Your Photo Stream
    7. Assign a Photo to an iCloud Contact
    8. Stream Photos to a TV
    9. Give Presentations via AirPlay
    10. Access Your Photos on an Apple TV
      1. Access photos stored on your computer on an Apple TV
      2. A Day in the Life: Photos that Share Memories
  8. Stay in Touch
    1. Check Your Connections
    2. Use Contacts with iCloud
      1. Share Contacts with a Bump
      2. Sync Contacts and Calendars with Android
    3. Text and Video-Chat
    4. Use Skype as Your Universal Phone
    5. Get Local with Location Services
    6. E-mail Wherever You Are
    7. Stay Connected While Traveling
  9. Staying Organized on the Move
    1. Connect Your Calendars
      1. Check the Status of iCloud Services
    2. Sync Notes and Reminders
    3. Create and Share Notes
    4. Dictate Text
      1. Translate Foreign Languages
    5. Surf the Web More Easily with Bookmarks
      1. Stay Stealthy with Private Browsing
    6. Organize Yourself with Evernote
      1. A Day in the Life: Calendars, Notes, Reminders, and Bookmarks
  10. Back Up, Store, and Share Files
    1. Back Up via iCloud
      1. Back Up Your Mac, Too
    2. Use iCloud.com
    3. Use iCloud Documents
    4. Use Cloud Storage Services
    5. Use File Sharing
  11. Do Even More with iCloud and AirPlay
    1. Mac Mini Media Center
    2. Network
    3. Printers
    4. Remote Control
    5. Smart Watch
    6. Home Automation
    7. Wireless CCTV
    8. Meat Thermometer
    9. Fitness Gear
    10. iPad Headrest Mount
    11. GarageBand
    12. iA Writer
    13. E-cards
    14. Memo Sticky Notes
    15. Ridiculous Luxuries
  12. Apple TV Tips and Tricks
    1. Get More While Watching Movies and TV Shows
    2. Get More While Listening to Music and Podcasts
    3. Get More While Listening to Internet Radio Stations
    4. Set Up and Use a Remote Control
    5. Make the Apple TV Play More than Apple Wants
  13. iConnected Use AirPlay, iCloud, Apps, and More to Bring Your Apple Devices Together
    1. Legal and Copyright Information
    2. Credits

Product information

  • Title: iConnected: Use AirPlay, iCloud, Apps, and More to Bring Your Apple Devices Together
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118543740