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I'd Rather Be in Charge: A Legendary Business Leader's Roadmap for Achieving Pride, Power, and Joy at Work

Book Description

Charlotte Beers is proof that women can achieve power, pride, and joy at work—despite the odds. In the highly competitive and often cutthroat world of advertising, Charlotte became the first female ever to head two giant, multinational advertising agencies. In serving her demanding clients, she helped build many of the most important brands around the world. Today, Charlotte rates her current title—teacher—her most satisfying, as she travels through the United States and Europe educating women on how to ignite their own strengths, in what she calls “the era of forging ahead for women.” Her pioneering experiences have been captured in I’d Rather Be in Charge, creating a blueprint for women as they face their own challenges and strive to achieve the positions of leadership and influence they deserve. Told in an intimate and honest style, I’d Rather Be in Charge is part personal history, part pragmatic guide, as Charlotte describes her own  experiences, lessons from her peers such as Martha Stewart and Suze Orman, as well as stories of her students’ transformations. By chronicling both successes and mistakes, Charlotte proves that finding your own personal style of leadership is the only way to take charge, find satisfaction, and gain confidence in the ever-evolving workplace of today. I’d Rather Be in Charge is a breakthrough book. It is a master class for women who are ready to shatter their own glass ceilings.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Epigraph
  4. Introduction
    1. 1 - ENVIRONMENT
      1. From Revolution to Evolution
      2. Environmental Factors
      3. Men Are Different, and It Matters
      4. Fog: The Expectations Laid on Women
      5. Autofilters: Self-Imposed Limitations
      6. How to Clean Up the Environment
      7. Our Leaderly Qualities
      8. To Clear the Air, It’s Not the Work
      9. Warning: We’re Not There Yet
    2. 2 - MESSAGES
      1. Getting to Know You
      2. Your Inheritance
      3. Your Inner Critic
      4. Connect Who You Are With Work
      5. The Five Key Questions
      6. Back Against the Wall Club
      7. Not Normal Families
      8. My Family
      9. The Healing Question
      10. How It Feels to Answer the Five Questions
    3. 3 - TRAITS
      1. The Inner Chamber
      2. Begin by Spotting a Trait in Someone Else
      3. Finding Your Own Trait
      4. Idea Killer
      5. Where Are These Traits From: Family or Your Own
      6. Can’t Wait
      7. You Have Your Very Own Unique Trait
      8. Career Dictator
      9. Your Drive Way
      10. Balancing the Traits
    4. 4 - SELF-PORTRAIT
      1. Consolidation: All of You
      2. How Portraits Are Formed
      3. Portraits Express What You Want for Yourself
      4. Portraits Have Heart
      5. Portraits Go into Battle with You
      6. My Portrait Goes into Battle
  6. II - PUBLIC
    1. 5 - ROAD SHOW
      1. Showtime
      2. Your Portrait, Their View
      3. The Qualities That Matter Most to You
      4. It’s Not an Evaluation, It’s Research
      5. How to Survey the Way They See You
      6. The Question of Significance
      7. Monitoring Your Reactions
      8. Survey Size
      9. Their Stick Figure View
      10. Without a Portrait, Managers Guess
      1. Work Relationships Are Different
      2. The Three Rs
      3. What Goes Around, Comes Around
      4. Leadership Relationships
      5. R>W: When Relationships Matter Most
      1. Can You Hear Me?
      2. Part 1: Assessing Their Response
      3. Part 2: What You Want to Say
      1. Presenters Get Out in Front of the Work
      2. Informing Doesn’t Have to Be Sterile
      3. A Guide to Presenting
      4. Beyond Informing to Asking
      5. A Proposition
      6. Beyond Asking to Confronting
    5. 9 - IN CHARGE
      1. Recognizing the Moment to Lead
      2. Fanning a Spark into a Flame
      3. Does It Matter to You?
      4. Leading Requires Persuasion
      5. Tools That Help You Lead
      6. Passion, Pathos
      7. Humor and Wit: The Great Liberators
      8. Imperfection Is Real
      9. Surprises Are Door Openers
      10. The Ultimate Surprise: Wonder
    6. 10 - CONTEXT
      1. The Penultimate Context: Why You Work
      2. “Why I Work” Camps
      3. Money Matters
      4. Role Reversal
      5. Money Changes When You Change
      6. The Ultimate Context: Work Life Cycles
      7. Cycles Affect Your Relationships
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Copyright Page