Configuring Offline Root CA

The installation process is the same as for Enterprise CA, but the configuration is different. You need to follow these steps:

  1. On the Credentials page, define the credentials that will be used during configuration.
  2. On the Role Services page, check that the role services are installed and need to be configured.
  3. On the Server Type page, select Standalone CA.
  4. On the CA Type page, select Root CA.
  5. On the Private key page, select Create a new private key.
  6. On the Cryptography page, specify the cryptographic options.
  7. On the CA Name page, specify the name of the CA.
  8. On the Validity period page, specify the validity period.
  9. On the Certificate Database page, specify the database location.
  10. On the Confirmation page, click ...

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