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If Not Now, When?

Book Description

The world of work is changing dramatically. Jobs for life have long been a thing of the past and even as people move up the corporate ladder, they are questioning their choices and keen to consider new possibilities such as work/life balance and portfolio working. Those of us keen to change career often don't know where to start so it remains a pipe dream rather than a reality we can work towards.

In this action-oriented and pragmatic book, expert career coaches Jane Barrett and Camilla Arnold address the common barriers to career change that they frequently encounter in their work, and give readers a proven roadmap to achieve their new job goals. If Not Now, When? includes first-hand experiences of successful career change but also quizzes, exercises and self-assessment tools to help readers make the best choice for them.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Introduction
  7. Part One: If not now, when? What’s holding you back?
    1. 1. Overcoming fear and risk
    2. 2. Finding the right motivation and attitude
    3. 3. Limiting beliefs
    4. 4. I didn’t choose to make a change – it’s been forced on me
    5. 5. Finding the time and momentum to make it happen
    6. 6. The money question
    7. 7. Finding support
    8. 8. How to decide on a direction
  8. Part Two: Understanding yourself and what you want
    1. 9. Defining your top skills and strengths
    2. 10. What do you value?
    3. 11. What are your interests and passions?
    4. 12. What is your ideal working environment?
    5. 13. Your relationship with previous managers
    6. 14. Taking care of your needs
    7. 15. What do I want out of life?Defining your long-term plan
    8. 16. Putting this all together – evaluating options
    9. 17. Brainstorming options
    10. 18. Optional extras – psychometric and career tests
  9. Part Three: Now what? How to research, brainstorm and move forward
    1. 19. Researching – separating perception from reality
    2. 20. Creating an action plan
    3. 21. Returning to work
    4. 22. Retirees and ‘third age’ workers
    5. 23. Portfolio careers
    6. 24. Starting your own business
    7. 25. How to choose a career coach
  10. Part Four: Job search strategy – getting interviews and securing the job
    1. 26. What you want from a career versus what an employer wants from you
    2. 27. Applying for jobs
    3. 28. Networking
    4. 29. Advertising
    5. 30. The world of recruitment companies
    6. 31. Covering letters
    7. 32. CVs/résumés
    8. 33. Interviews
    9. 34. Negotiating the job and the salary
    10. 35. The first 100 days
    11. 36. Long-term career management
  11. Final Thoughts
  12. Appendix: References and resources
  13. Bibliography