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If You're In the Driver's Seat, Why Are You Lost?

Book Description

From break-ups and family fall-outs to career stalls and unexpected losses, life is filled with events and circumstances that can knock you off your feet and leave you feeling stressed, confused and lost. Whether youre embarking on a career at age 22 or are seeing your children off to college at age 52,If You're In the Drivers Seat, Why Are You Lost?gives you the strategies to help you map out your life direction, leading you to the life you want.

Filled with insights, information, and solutions, this book is a practical guide that teaches how to take control and regain personal identity by learning how to manage emotions, stress, health, and other factors keeping you from happiness. Dr. Lawana Gladney acts as your personal coach and provides inspiration with ideas, easy strategies, and sound advice to help you cope with stress and navigate through everyday challenges.

Arming you with helpful techniques for letting go of the emotionally destructive people, thoughts, words, and regrets of the past in a manageable way, If You're In the Drivers Seat, Why Are You Lost? is a roadmap to creating an amazing life.