Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company's Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience & Engagement

Book description

A new data-driven approach to building customer relationships that fuel sustainable business growth

Igniting Customer Connections explores how organizations of all sizes can build powerful and profitable customer relationships in a today's increasingly complex, fast-paced, and fragmented marketplace. Written by the president of one of the world's largest marketing firms, the book provides expert insights about connecting with customers effectively across all channels and over time. The central premise is a refreshingly different, evidence-based approach called Return On Experience and Engagement, or ROE2, which delivers a new way to inspire and measure customer connections—and improve business results.

The traditional marketing campaign—a battle for attention with a clear launch date and endpoint—no longer works. Marketing is faster and more complex than ever, and consumers now have the power to turn off the message. Igniting Customer Connections explores the benefits of a new approach that enables companies to connect with customers, rather than just talk at them. Topics include:

  • Why classic ROI is losing relevance as a way to measure results—and to budget marketing spend

  • How to make powerful connections by taking full advantage of "atomic moments of truth"

  • Amplifying the impact of customer experience and engagement

  • Creating a continuous, measurable, repeatable process for growth

  • The key to winning customers and building long-term business is creating positive customer experiences that inspire ongoing engagement—from Facebook "likes" to purchase decisions. Based on data and stories drawn from dozens of top brands and thousands of consumers, Igniting Customer Connections helps marketers create long-term brand equity and sustainable business growth.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Preface
      1. Are You Basking in the Warm Glow or Getting Burned?
      2. A Quick Look at the Past
      3. Now, Everything Has Changed—for the Better
      4. It All Starts with Customer Connections
      5. For Marketers of All Stripes and Types
      6. Start the Fire—Now
    5. Part One: Connect with Your Customers—Now
    6. Chapter 1: The New Marketing Landscape
      1. Tectonic Shift #1: More Media, Devices, and Disruption
      2. Tectonic Shift #2: The Data Deluge
      3. Tectonic Shift #3: The Infrastructure Goes Global
      4. Tectonic Shift #4: Digital Channels Create Opportunities for Companies of All Sizes
      5. Tectonic Shift #5: The World Moves Faster Than Ever
      6. Tectonic Shifts Drive Crucial Changes in Consumer Behavior
      7. What Does an Empowered Consumer Mean?
      8. Marketing Isn't a Mystery Anymore
      9. Meet the Me Economy
      10. What Do These Shifts and Trends Mean to You?
    7. Chapter 2: Customer Connections
      1. Connections Exist at Many Levels
      2. The Core Elements of a Connection
      3. Experience: How People Feel—Emotional and Experiential Connections
      4. Engagement: What People Do—Transactions as Connections
      5. Customer Connections in the Current Era
      6. A Confluence of Capabilities Opens New Doors
      7. As Always, Knowledge Is Power
    8. Chapter 3: Atomic Moments of Truth
      1. The Power to Create or Destroy Value
      2. Know an Atomic Moment of Truth When You See One
      3. A Closer Look at Atomic Moments of Truth
      4. The Moment Is Momentous
      5. The Moment Starts with Customer Awareness
      6. Understand the Value in Play
      7. Invest the Appropriate Time and Money
      8. Building Blocks for Managing Atomic Moments of Truth
      9. Inspiring Hotel Happiness
    9. Chapter 4: The Amplification Effect
      1. Defining Experience × Engagement
      2. Where Do You Find Experience and Engagement?
      3. Applying the Amplification Effect
      4. What Is an Actionable Brand Idea?
      5. A Closer Look at an Actionable Business Idea
      6. The Impact of Timing on Experience × Engagement
      7. Measurement: Beyond Return on Investment
      8. The Shortcomings of ROI
      9. Turning Knowledge into Strategies
    10. Chapter 5: A Closer Look at ROE2
      1. The Promise of ROE2
      2. A Closer Look at Returns—the Final Result
      3. A Look Ahead at How ROE2 Triggers Better Business Outcomes
    11. Chapter 6: Strategies for Transformation
      1. Rethink Measurement
      2. Organize around the Customer, Not Products or Channels
      3. Establish a Consistent Marketing Process
      4. Use Technology to Enable, Not Distract
      5. Make Your Transformation a Reality
    12. Part Two: ROE2 Research and Insights
    13. Chapter 7: Executive Insights
    14. Chapter 8: ROE2 in the Grocery Aisles
      1. The Link between Emotion and Experience
      2. A Personal, Emotional Connection Matters
      3. Emotion Pays
      4. More Trust Means More Share of Wallet and Brand Commitment
      5. Emotions Can Outweigh Logical Reasoning
      6. More Emotional Connections = More Equity
      7. Common Ground at the Extremes
      8. Price versus Emotion
      9. Emotion and Experience as Differentiators
    15. Chapter 9: Executive Insights: JCPenney
    16. Chapter 10: ROE2 in Hospitality
      1. Experience Impacts Business Outcomes
      2. Experience Creates Emotion, and Emotion Fuels Engagement
      3. The Connection between Experience, Emotion, and Engagement
      4. Key Driver #1: Alignment with Image and Personal Values
      5. Key Driver #2: Recognition for Loyalty
      6. Key Driver #3: Perception of Stature
      7. Customer Experience: Creating the Highest Levels of Brand and Business Equity
      8. Long-Term Commitment: The Ultimate Goal
    17. Chapter 11: Executive Insights: Angie's List
    18. Chapter 12: ROE2 Hits the Road
      1. What Drives Consumer Behavior?
      2. Functionality Doesn't Motivate
      3. Intent to Repurchase
      4. The Dealership Must Deliver on the Promise
      5. The Impact of Recalls
      6. Commitment to the Dealership (Service)
      7. Positive Experiences × Meaningful Engagements = Dealership Commitment
      8. The Amplification Effect in Action
    19. Part Three: An ROE2 Primer
    20. Chapter 13: Content
      1. Content and ROE2: The Content Connection
      2. Content Defined
      3. How Has Content Evolved?
      4. Key Content Trends
      5. Content Challenges
      6. Content Advice for Marketers
      7. Tap the Power of Content Marketing
    21. Chapter 14: Channels
      1. Channels Defined
      2. Take a Closer Look at Digital Channels
      3. What Does Cross-Channel Marketing Mean to the Consumer? And to You?
      4. Interactions Create the Consumer Experience
      5. How Have Customer Expectations Changed?
      6. What Makes a Great or Terrible Customer Experience?
      7. Key Channel Trends
      8. Channel Challenges for Marketers
      9. Strategies for Improving Customer Experiences across Channels
      10. Channels Are Ever-Evolving—Just Like Your Work to Master and Maximize Them
    22. Chapter 15: Measurement and Segmentation
      1. A Renewed Focus on Measurable Results
      2. Important Elements We're Trying to Understand
      3. It's Really about Marketing Investment Allocation
      4. The Changing Landscape of Measurement and Segmentation
      5. Five Trends in Measurement
      6. Five Measurement Strategies
      7. Measurement and ROE2
    23. Chapter 16: Technology
      1. What Technologies Enable ROE2?
      2. A New Development—the Marketing Cloud
      3. Marketing Clouds Explored
    24. Chapter 17: Big Data
      1. Big Data Will Help You Create More Relevant Customer Connections
      2. Big Data Allows You to Be More Proactive in Delighting and Surprising Your Customers
      3. Big Data Enables You to Make Better Decisions Faster Than Ever Before
      4. The Emerging Internet of Things Will Create Even More Big Data Opportunities
      5. Marketers Will Need New Skills to Leverage Big Data to Connect Better with Their Customers
    25. Chapter 18: Online Marketing/Advertising Technology
      1. It's All about the Audience
      2. The Audience Is All about Data
      3. Enabling Data for Use Online Requires Technology
      4. Privacy, Privacy, Privacy
      5. Don't Forget the Power of People
    26. Chapter 19: Putting Technology to Work
      1. Create a Partnership between Information Technology and Marketing
      2. Develop a Consistent Master Data Management Strategy
      3. Know That Implementing Technology Is Always Harder Than It Seems
      4. Beware of Bright, Shiny Solutions
      5. Find the Right Starting Point
      6. Technology Enables, but It Isn't Everything
    27. Chapter 20: Consumer Privacy
      1. Why Is Privacy an Issue?
      2. Why Gather Data?
      3. What Should Your Company Be Doing?
      4. Transparency: For the Good of Your Company and Our Industry
      5. Respect: For Your Customers
      6. Knowledge: For Your Company
      7. Responsibility: For Security and More
      8. Stay True to Your Principles
    28. Chapter 21: A Few Final Words on ROE2
    29. Acknowledgments
    30. About the Author
    31. Index
    32. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company's Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience & Engagement
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118916704