41Scorpius, The Scorpion

NAME: Scorpius (SKOR-pee-us)

SEASON: Early summer

CULMINATION: midnight, 3 June


GENITIVE: Scorpii (SKOR-pee-ih)

NEIGHBORS: Ant, Cen, CMi, Cnc, Crt, Crv, Leo, Lib, Lup, Mon, Pup, Pyx, Sex, Vir

BINOCULAR OBJECTS: NGC 6093 (M 80), NGC 6121 (M 4), NGC 6405 (M 6), NGC 6475 (M 7)

URBAN OBJECTS: NGC 6121 (M 4), NGC 6405 (M 6), NGC 6475 (M 7)

Scorpius is a prominent, mid-size, south equatorial constellation that ranks 33rd in size among the 88 constellations. Scorpius covers 497 square degrees of the celestial sphere, or about 1.2%. First-magnitude Antares, the brightest star in Scorpius, keeps company with nearly a dozen second- and third-magnitude stars. Scorpius is unusual among the constellations because ...

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