Illustrator CS5: Video QuickStart Guide

Video description

Learn Illustrator CS5 the quick and easy way with 3 hours of video lessons covering the important new features in Illustrator CS5. Best-selling authors Peter Lourekas and Elaine Weinmann help you explore the powerful new tools and cover the following 15 topics:

Bridge Overview
Illustrator CS5 Interface
Multiple Artboards
Drawing Geometric & Freehand Objects
Fill & Stroke
Select, Move & Copy
Appearances, Effects & Graphic Styles
Blob Brush
Create & Style Type
Combine Paths
Clipping Masks

After you finish watching the video continue to build your Photoshop skills with the authors’ full-color guide, Illustrator CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Table of contents

  1. Topic 1: Bridge Overview
    1. a. Features of the Bridge window
    2. b. Choosing a workspace for Bridge
    3. c. Previewing images in Bridge
    4. d. Customizing the Bridge window
    5. e. Assigning keywords to files
    6. f. Rating and labeling thumbnails
    7. g. Managing thumbnails and filtering their display
  2. Topic 2: Illustrator CS5 Interface
    1. a. Using the Application frame
    2. b. Using tabbed document windows
    3. c. Arranging documents windows
    4. d. Changing the zoom level
    5. e. Changing the screen mode
    6. f. Configuring the panels and saving workspaces
    7. g. Using the Control panel
  3. Topic 3: Multiple Artboards
    1. a. Anatomy of an Illustrator document
    2. b. Artboard options in the New Document dialog
    3. c. Creating multiple artboards with the Artboard tool
    4. d. Navigating with the Artboards panel
    5. e. Saving and exporting artboards as separate PDF pages
  4. Topic 4: Drawing Geometric & Freehand Objects
    1. a. Creating rectangles and ellipses
    2. b. Creating polygons and stars
    3. c. Creating line segments and spirals
    4. d. Freehand drawing with the Pencil tool
    5. e. Options for the Pencil tool
    6. f. Freehand drawing with the Paintbrush tool
  5. Topic 5: Fill & Stroke
    1. a. Applying fill and stroke using the Control, Appearance, and Color panels
    2. b. Applying color using the Color Guide and Swatches panels
    3. c. Replacing object color using a Global color swatch
    4. d. Applying stroke attributes using the Stroke panel
  6. Topic 6: Select, Move & Copy
    1. a. Select objects using Selection, Direct Selection tools
    2. b. Selecting objects with the Select menu commands
    3. c. Working with groups in Illustrator
    4. d. Selecting objects using the Lasso, Magic Wand tools
    5. e. Copying objects using the Selection tool, Clipboard
    6. f. Aligning objects using the Align panel, Ruler Guides
    7. g. Align objects using Smart Guides
  7. Topic 7: Transform
    1. a. Transforming objects using the Bounding Box or Free Transform tool
    2. b. Transforming objects using the Scale, Rotate, and Reflect tools
    3. c. Using a dialog or an effect to transform multiple objects
    4. d. Repeating a transformation
  8. Topic 8: Reshape
    1. a. Reshaping a path with the Direct Selection and pen tools
    2. b. Drawing curves with the Pen tool
    3. c. Using the Width tool to create non-uniform stroke width
    4. d. Joining endpoints on an object
    5. e. Reshaping object paths using effects
    6. f. Combining techniques to create an object
  9. Topic 9: Appearances, Effects & Graphic Styles
    1. a. Applying basic Appearance panel edits
    2. b. Applying multiple strokes and effects
    3. c. Applying appearances to an editable type object
    4. d. Applying a graphic style to a group
  10. Topic 10: Blob Brush
    1. a. Basics for using the Blob Brush tool
    2. b. Reshaping an object using the Blob Brush tool
    3. c. Creating and refining Blob Brush shapes
  11. Topic 11: Brushes
    1. a. Working with the Brushes panel
    2. b. Editing a brush with the Brushes panel
    3. c. Editing a brush stroke on an object
    4. d. Working with the Paintbrush tool and the Bristle brushes
  12. Topic 12: Create & Style Type
    1. a. Type tools explained
    2. b. Using the Type tool
    3. c. Using the Area Type tool
    4. d. Using the Type on a Path tool
    5. e. Styling type
    6. f. Creating type outlines
    7. g. Special effects with type
  13. Topic 13: Gradients
    1. a. Creating linear gradients
    2. b. Creating radial gradients
    3. c. Saving a gradient as a swatch
    4. d. Applying a gradient to a group
    5. e. Gradients in type
  14. Topic 14: Combine Paths
    1. a. Using the Shape Mode buttons (Pathfinder panel)
    2. b. Options for the new Shape Builder tool
    3. c. Combining objects using the Shape Builder tool
  15. Topic 15. Clipping Masks
    1. a. Creating an object-level clipping set
    2. b. Creating an object-level clipping set using Draw Inside mode
    3. c. Creating a layer-level clipping set

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  • Title: Illustrator CS5: Video QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132696999