Chapter 25

Running Windows on Your iMac

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing Boot Camp

arrow Comparing Boot Camp to software emulation

arrow Creating your Windows partition

arrow Switching to your Windows system

arrow Updating Apple software in Windows

Do you sometimes miss that other operating system? Are there legacy Windows programs you’d like to run on your iMac? Do you miss the familiar confines of the Microsoft world?

No need to be secretive or furtive about your Windows yearnings. Although I’m an enthusiastic Mac owner, I also own two smooth-running PCs, and they cohabitate quite well in my office. I use Windows 7 every day for a number of tasks. So, dear reader, what if I told you that both Mac OS X Lion and Windows XP, Vista, or 7 can live together in peace and harmony, all on the same hard drive inside your shiny iMac?

In this chapter, I discuss the wonder that is Boot Camp — the free utility included with Lion that allows you to install and run Windows on your iMac’s hard drive. I explain why Boot Camp ...

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