Chapter 5

A Plethora of Powerful Fun

In This Chapter

arrow Making the most of your Home folder

arrow Arranging your Desktop for greater efficiency

arrow Adding time savers to the Dock

arrow Using the Trash (and rescuing precious stuff from it)

arrow Using Mission Control and Dashboard to perform Desktop magic

arrow Printing documents

When you’re no longer a novice to Mavericks and the basics of the Finder, turn your attention to a number of more advanced topics ’n tricks to turn you into an iMac power user — which, after all, is the goal of every civilized consciousness on Planet Earth.

Consider this chapter a grab bag of Mavericks knowledge. Sure, I jump around a little, but these topics are indeed connected by a common thread: They’re all surefire problem-solvers and speeder-uppers. (I can’t believe the latter is really a word, but evidently it is. My editors told me so.)

Home, Sweet Home Folder

Each user account ...

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