Chapter 9

Expanding Your Horizons with iCloud


Bullet Introducing iCloud

Bullet Using your iCloud Drive

Bullet Sharing documents with iOS devices by using Handoff

Bullet Setting iCloud preferences

Bullet Managing iCloud storage

Readers often ask me to name my favorite reasons why they should switch platforms. In other words, why should a Windows user who thinks all is well move to the Apple universe? I always mention the superior hardware and the fact that Mojave is (in my honest opinion) a much better operating system than Windows 10. My favorite selling point is innovation. Apple comes up with the best ideas first, and everyone else plays catch-up.

Here’s the perfect example: The folks at Apple got tired of constantly synchronizing their iOS devices with their computers over a USB cable. Remember those archaic days? When you took a photo with your iPhone or created a new document with your iPad, your new additions just sat there in their original locations until you had a chance to sync your device ...

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