Imaginarium, 1st Edition

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Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures is a compendium of practical advice and information covering the photographic process—from idea cultivation through execution. The guidance in this book is written with an understanding of the nature of artists at their core and explores the science of how ideas are born, the conditions that facilitate the productive creation of art, and the elements necessary to make creative work. This compendium is applicable across genres, for individual artists and for those working in a commercial capacity. It brings together strategies and tools to help readers generate compelling ideas and create unique images. From the simplest idea to the most fantastical, you will learn brainstorming, concept development, pre-visualization, pre-production, problem solving, and execution steps in the creative process, including practical tools and ideas for overcoming obstacles and achieving success along the way.

Beth Taubner Mercurylab 
Alessia Glaviano Vogue Italia 
Rebecca Manson The Post Office

Interviews with:
Maggie Steber, Roger Ballen, Sara Lando, Gabriela Iancu, Robin Schwartz, and Eleanor Macnair


Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures
Table of Contents

The Purpose of Art
Strong Images
Development of an Artist
Goals for Making Work
Chapter Wrap-Up

The Foundation
Curation of Experiences
Tapping into the Unconscious
Creative Psychology
Nurturing Creativity
Community of Artists
Chapter Wrap-Up

Motion Versus Progress
Work That Fits into Your Life
Chapter Wrap-Up

Concept Generation Triggers
Divergent Thinking
Free Association
Mind Mapping
Mood Boards
Concept Development
Chapter Wrap-Up

Resources and Research
Building a Team
Plan B, C, and D
On Set Checklist
Best Practices
Chapter Wrap-Up

The Viewer Experience
Presentation Considerations
Critique and Feedback
Series and Long-Term Projects
Body of Work: What We Leave Behind
Chapter Wrap-Up


Artist Interviews

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 1. On Art
    1. The Purpose of Art
    2. Strong Images
      1. Anatomy of an Image
    3. Development of an Artist
      1. Personal Vision
      2. Psyche
      3. Artistic Roots
      4. Areas of Interest
    4. Goals for Making Work
      1. Identifying Goals
    5. Chapter Wrap-Up
  3. 2. Artistic Lifestyle
    1. The Foundation
    2. Curation of Experiences
    3. Curation of Inspiration
      1. Art History and Contemporary Art
    4. Tapping into the Unconscious
      1. Intuition
      2. Meditation
      3. Dreams
    5. Creative Psychology
      1. The Nature of Artists
      2. Overcoming Obstacles
      3. Becoming Confident
    6. Health
      1. Diet, Depression, and the Microbiome
      2. Happiness
      3. Get Outside and Exercise
    7. Nurturing Creativity
      1. Making Work
      2. Failure
      3. Time
      4. Workspace
      5. Writing
    8. Community of Artists
      1. Collaborations
      2. Apprenticeships
      3. Mentors
      4. Education
    9. Chapter Wrap-Up
  4. 3. Time Management
    1. Motion Versus Progress
      1. Saying No
    2. Productivity
      1. Structuring the Day
    3. Motivation
    4. Work that Fits into Your Life
    5. Chapter Wrap-Up
  5. 4. Previsualization
    1. Concept Generation Triggers
    2. Divergent Thinking
    3. Free Association
      1. Using an Idea Randomizer
    4. Brainstorming
      1. Encouraging the Impossible Idea
      2. Tips and Tricks
      3. Thinking Less Literally
    5. Mind Mapping
    6. Mood Boards
    7. Previsualization
    8. Concept Development
    9. Chapter Wrap-Up
  6. 5. Production
    1. Pre-Production
      1. Getting Organized
      2. Production Sheets
    2. Resources and Research
      1. Negotiating Win-Wins
      2. Synchronistic Occurrences
      3. Budget
    3. Building a Team
      1. Communicating Your Ideas
      2. Team Members
      3. Schedule, Shot Lists, and Call Sheets
    4. Plan B, C, and D
    5. On Set Checklist
    6. Best Practices
    7. Editing
      1. How to Choose the One
    8. Post-Production
    9. Chapter Wrap-Up
  7. 6. The Viewer Experience
    1. The Viewer Experience
    2. Presentation Considerations
    3. Critique and Feedback
    4. Series and Long-Term Projects
    5. Assignments/Commissions
    6. Body of Work: What We Leave Behind
    7. Chapter Wrap-Up
  8. Conclusion
  9. Artist Interviews
    1. Roger Ballen
    2. Sara Lando
    3. Gabriela Iancu
    4. Robin Schwartz
    5. Eleanor Macnair
  10. Acknowledgments

Product information

  • Title: Imaginarium, 1st Edition
  • Author(s): Claire Rosen
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781492011767