iMovie ’08 & iDVD ’08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Visual QuickStart Guide—the quick and easy way to learn!

This full-color, amply illustrated, accessible book teaches readers the essential skills necessary for creating compelling movies with iMovie and iDVD, Apple's consumer-friendly digital movie and DVD-burning software applications. Readers can follow the step-by-step instructions from the beginning to get a tour of the applications or look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. Longtime Macintosh and technology writer Jeff Carlson takes extra steps to ensure that readers understand all of the key aspects of digital movie making.

  • Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through iMovie and iDVD (and how they interact with the other iLife ’08 applications) and show you what to do.

  • Concise steps and explanations let you get up and running in no time.

  • Page for page, the best content and value around.

  • Companion Web site at offers links mentioned in the book, sample movies, and ongoing news and information about iMovie, iDVD, and video editing.

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedications
    2. Special Thanks to
    3. Introduction
      1. Who Should Read this Book
      2. What’s New in this Edition
      3. An iMovie and iDVD Toolbox
      4. The Moviemaking Process
      5. The DVD Creation Process
      6. This Book’s Companion Web Site
      7. What You Can Accomplish by the End of this Book
    4. 1. Shooting
      1. 1. The Digital Camcorder
        1. Buying a Camcorder
          1. HD or DV format
          2. MiniDV tape format
          3. Tapeless camcorders
          4. NTSC or PAL
          5. Camcorder size
          6. Charge-coupled device (CCD)
          7. FireWire/i.Link and USB
          8. Microphone
          9. LCD viewfinder
          10. Electronic image stabilization
          11. Optical image stabilization
          12. Lens optics
          13. Remote control
        2. Features Worth Noting
          1. Focus
          2. Shutter speed
          3. Night vision/low light
          4. S-Video or HDMI port
        3. Features to Ignore/Avoid
      2. 2. Composition and Coverage
        1. Preproduction
        2. Understanding Timecode
          1. DV and HDV camcorders
          2. Tapeless camcorders
        3. Take Notes
        4. Composing Your Shots
          1. Shoot large
          2. Maintain an axis
          3. Balance your shots
        5. Focus
          1. Automatic focus versus manual focus
        6. Depth of Field
          1. To increase depth of field:
        7. Coverage
          1. Shoot to edit
          2. Types of coverage
      3. 3. The Camera in Motion
        1. Don’t Move
        2. Zooming
        3. Dollying
        4. Changing Shutter Speed
        5. Panning
          1. To pan a scene:
          2. Pan ahead of subjects
      4. 4. Lighting
        1. Hard and Soft Light
        2. Color Temperature
        3. Three-Point Lighting
          1. To set up three-point lighting:
        4. Bounce Cards and Reflectors
        5. Shooting Outside
      5. 5. Capturing Audio
        1. Headphones
        2. Your Camcorder’s Microphone
          1. 12-bit versus 16-bit audio
          2. Wind Screen mode
        3. Microphones
          1. Lavalier
          2. Directional
          3. Wireless
    5. 2. Editing in iMovie
      1. 6. Make a Movie in a Hurry
        1. Make a Movie in a Hurry
          1. To import footage (Chapter 8):
          2. To assemble your movie (Chapters 9 and 10):
          3. To edit clips (Chapter 10):
          4. To add a photo from iPhoto (Chapter 11):
          5. To add a transition (Chapter 13):
          6. To add a title (Chapter 13):
          7. To add a soundtrack (Chapter 12):
          8. To share your movie to YouTube (Chapter 15):
      2. 7. iMovie Overview
        1. Managing Projects
          1. Creating a new project
            1. To create a new project:
            2. To organize projects into folders:
            3. To change aspect ratio in a project:
          2. Duplicating and deleting projects
            1. To duplicate a project:
            2. To delete a project:
        2. iMovie’s Interface
          1. The Project Library
          2. Project Browser
          3. The Viewer
          4. The Event Library
            1. To customize the Event list display:
          5. Other view options
      3. 8. Importing Footage
        1. Importing Clips
          1. To connect via FireWire or USB:
          2. Importing from a DV camcorder
            1. To import all footage from a tape:
            2. To import clips from a tape:
          3. Importing HDV footage
          4. Importing from a tapeless camcorder
            1. To import from a tapeless camcorder:
            2. To import live video from a DV camera:
          5. Importing Movies from iPhoto
            1. To import movies from iPhoto:
          6. Importing video from old iMovie projects
            1. To import video from old iMovie projects:
          7. Importing Other Movies
            1. To import a movie file into iMovie:
        2. Importing Footage from an Analog Camcorder
          1. To import from a non-DV camcorder:
        3. Extracting Footage from a DVD
          1. To extract video from a DVD:
      4. 9. Managing Video
        1. Skimming Video
          1. To skim a clip:
          2. Audio skimming
            1. To enable or disable audio skimming:
        2. Playing Video
          1. To play video:
          2. To play selected video:
          3. To play around the current frame:
          4. To play video full-screen:
        3. Selecting Video
          1. To select a portion of a clip:
          2. To adjust a selection:
          3. To change the default duration of a selection:
          4. To select an entire clip:
          5. To select multiple clips:
          6. To deselect all clips:
          7. Slipping (recentering) video
            1. To slip (recenter) a clip:
        4. Managing Events
          1. To merge Events:
          2. To split an Event:
        5. Marking Footage
          1. To mark video as favorite:
          2. To unmark video:
          3. To reject footage:
          4. To control which clips are visible in the Event Browser:
          5. Using advanced marking tools
            1. To mark video (advanced):
        6. Working with Rejected Footage
          1. To retrieve rejected footage:
          2. How iMovie Manages Clips on Your Hard Disk
            1. Advantages of iMovie’s method of managing clips
          3. Sending clips to the Trash
            1. To move rejected clips to the Trash:
          4. Using iMovie’s Space Saver
            1. To remove footage using Space Saver:
        7. Assigning Keywords
          1. To assign keywords using Auto-Apply:
          2. To assign keywords using the Keywords Inspector:
          3. To create a new keyword:
          4. To remove keywords:
          5. To rename keywords:
          6. Viewing clips according to keywords
            1. To filter the Event Browser by keyword:
        8. Printing an Event
          1. To print an Event:
      5. 10. Editing Video
        1. Time and Timecode
          1. To enable timecode display:
          2. Time and Timecode in iMovie
        2. Creating a New Project
          1. To create a new project:
          2. To delete a project:
        3. Adding Clips to the Movie
          1. To add clips to the movie:
          2. To add clips (advanced mode):
        4. Ordering Clips
          1. To order clips:
        5. Editing Clips
          1. Trimming
            1. To trim a clip using the trimmer:
            2. To adjust a trim edit:
            3. To crop a clip:
            4. To delete frames from within a clip:
          2. Splitting clips
            1. To split a clip:
            2. To join split clips:
          3. Copying and pasting clips
            1. To copy and paste footage:
            2. To duplicate a clip by Option-dragging:
          4. Fine tuning edits
            1. To enable fine tuning:
            2. To apply fine-tune edits (the slow way):
            3. To apply fine-tune edits (the fast way):
            4. To apply fine-tune edits (the really fast way):
        6. Cropping and Rotating
          1. To crop a clip:
          2. To fit a clip:
          3. Rotating clips
            1. To rotate a clip:
        7. Making Video Adjustments
          1. To adjust color:
          2. To make video black and white:
          3. To manipulate red, green, and blue colors (advanced mode):
        8. Copying and Pasting Adjustments
          1. To copy and paste video adjustments:
        9. Masking Video
          1. To create a video mask:
        10. Working with Source Clips
          1. To revert a clip:
          2. To locate a source file on disk:
      6. 11. Editing Still Pictures
        1. Importing Pictures from iPhoto
          1. To import pictures from iPhoto:
        2. Changing the Duration of a Still Clip
          1. To change a picture’s duration:
          2. To set a default photo duration:
        3. Adding Motion with the Ken Burns Effect
          1. To change whether the Ken Burns Effect is automatically applied:
          2. To edit the Ken Burns Effect:
          3. To apply the same effect to multiple still photos:
        4. Importing Pictures from Other Sources
          1. To import a still picture:
        5. Creating a Still Clip from a Video Clip
          1. To create a still clip:
        6. Creating an Image Overlay
          1. To create an image overlay:
      7. 12. Editing Audio
        1. Changing a Clip’s Volume
          1. To increase or decrease a clip’s volume:
          2. To normalize a clip’s volume:
        2. Fading Audio In or Out
          1. To fade audio in or out:
        3. Adding Music
          1. To locate songs in your iTunes or GarageBand libraries:
          2. To add audio files from the Finder:
          3. To customize the song list:
          4. To listen to a song:
          5. Adding background music
            1. To add background music:
            2. To rearrange background music clips:
          6. Adding other audio clips
            1. To add other audio clips:
            2. To reposition audio clips:
        4. Recording Voiceovers
          1. To record a voiceover:
          2. To delete a voiceover:
        5. Locking Background Audio
          1. To pin a background audio clip:
          2. To un-pin a background audio clip:
        6. Ducking Audio
          1. To duck audio:
        7. Trimming Audio Clips
          1. To trim an audio clip in the Project Browser:
          2. To trim an audio clip in the trimmer:
        8. Adding Just the Audio from a Video Clip
          1. To add audio from a video clip:
      8. 13. Transitions and Titles
        1. Adding Transitions
          1. To add a transition:
          2. To delete a transition:
          3. To change a transition’s duration:
          4. To change the default duration of transitions:
          5. To automatically add transitions:
          6. To turn off automatic transitions:
        2. Adding Titles
          1. To add a title:
          2. To display a title against a black background:
          3. To reposition a title:
          4. To change a title’s duration:
          5. To set a title’s fade duration:
          6. To delete a title:
        3. Editing Title Text
          1. To edit title text:
          2. To insert special characters:
        4. Editing Text Style
          1. To edit text style:
          2. To change text color:
          3. To change background text block color:
          4. To specify font and size:
    6. 3. Sharing from iMovie
      1. 14. Scoring Your Movie in GarageBand
        1. Sharing to GarageBand
          1. To share your movie to GarageBand:
        2. Making Music Using GarageBand
          1. To create a music loop in GarageBand:
        3. Getting the Score Back into iMovie
          1. To import your song into iMovie:
      2. 15. Sharing to iTunes and Online
        1. Sharing to iTunes
          1. To share a project to iTunes:
          2. To remove a project from iTunes:
        2. Sharing with the Media Browser
          1. To share with the Media Browser:
        3. Publishing to YouTube
          1. To share a movie to YouTube:
          2. To remove a movie from YouTube:
        4. Publishing to a .Mac Web Gallery
          1. To publish to a .Mac Web Gallery:
          2. To remove a movie from the Web Gallery:
        5. Publishing to the Web Using iWeb
          1. To publish to the Web using iWeb:
          2. To make changes to your page:
        6. Writing HTML
          1. To link to a QuickTime movie file:
          2. To embed the movie on a page:
        7. Creating a Poster Movie
          1. To create the poster movie:
          2. To embed the poster movie:
      3. 16. Exporting Movies
        1. Exporting the Movie
          1. To export as a QuickTime movie:
        2. Exporting to QuickTime
          1. To change image settings:
          2. To change audio settings:
          3. To prepare a movie for Internet streaming:
        3. Exporting Final Cut XML
          1. To export Final Cut XML:
        4. Exporting to a Palm OS Handheld
          1. To export movies to a Palm OS handheld:
    7. 4. iDVD
      1. 17. Moving from iMovie to iDVD
        1. Creating Chapter Markers in GarageBand
          1. To create chapter markers:
          2. To send the movie to iDVD:
      2. 18. iDVD Overview
        1. About DVDs
          1. DVD physical formats
        2. Working with iDVD Projects
          1. The iDVD project file
        3. Using OneStep DVD
          1. To create a OneStep DVD:
        4. Using Magic iDVD
          1. To create a Magic iDVD project:
        5. iDVD’s Interface
          1. Menu/main window
            1. To switch format modes:
          2. Controls
        6. Creating a New Project
          1. To create a new project in iDVD:
          2. To import video footage:
        7. Creating an iDVD Project from Final Cut
          1. To export from Final Cut:
        8. Creating a Submenu
          1. To create a submenu:
          2. To create a submenu in the Map view:
          3. To move objects to another submenu:
          4. To delete a submenu:
          5. To use a transition between menus:
        9. Setting an Autoplay Movie
          1. To set an Autoplay movie:
          2. To delete an Autoplay movie:
        10. Previewing the DVD
          1. To preview the DVD:
        11. Adding DVD-ROM Data
          1. To add files and folders to the DVD-ROM:
          2. To remove DVD-ROM files and folders:
      3. 19. iDVD Themes
        1. Applying a Theme
          1. To apply a theme family:
          2. To apply an individual theme:
          3. To apply a theme in the Map view:
          4. To apply a theme to every menu in your project:
          5. To apply a theme to submenus:
        2. Using Motion
          1. To activate motion:
          2. Motion buttons
            1. To set the starting frame:
            2. To turn off movie playback for a button:
          3. Motion duration
            1. To set motion duration:
        3. Using Drop Zones
          1. To add a movie or photo to a drop zone:
          2. To remove media from a drop zone:
          3. Working with dynamic drop zones
            1. To add movies or photos to dynamic drop zones:
            2. To autofill drop zones:
            3. To fill a drop zone with content from your project:
          4. Working with multiple photos in a drop zone
            1. To set which photo displays first:
            2. To change the order of the photos:
            3. To add more photos:
            4. To delete photos from the drop zone:
            5. To turn off drop zones entirely:
        4. Editing Text
          1. To edit text:
          2. To add new text:
          3. To delete text:
          4. To insert special characters:
      4. 20. Customizing iDVD Themes
        1. Editing Text Formatting
          1. To edit text formatting:
          2. To reset text to the theme’s default formatting:
        2. Editing Text Alignment and Position
          1. Title alignment
            1. To set the title alignment:
            2. To remove the menu title:
          2. Button label position
            1. To set the position of button text:
            2. To remove button text:
          3. Button text alignment
            1. To set the alignment of button text:
        3. Editing Buttons
          1. To change the button style:
          2. To reposition buttons:
          3. To re-align buttons:
          4. To change the button highlight color:
          5. To resize buttons:
          6. To change the appearance of a button icon:
          7. To reset a button to the theme default:
        4. Changing the Background
          1. To use a photo or movie as the background:
          2. To use a photo or movie as the background with no drop zones:
          3. To set the beginning and ending of a background video:
          4. To remove your background photo or movie:
        5. Setting Background Audio
          1. To choose an audio file:
          2. To add background audio:
          3. To change audio’s volume:
          4. To remove background audio:
        6. Looping Movie Playback
          1. To loop a movie:
        7. Saving a Favorite Theme
          1. To save a favorite theme:
        8. Deleting a Favorite Theme
          1. To delete a favorite theme:
      5. 21. Slideshows
        1. Creating a Slideshow
          1. To create a slideshow:
          2. To set the slideshow icon:
          3. To delete a slideshow:
        2. Setting Slideshow Options
          1. To enter the Slideshow editor:
          2. To set the slide duration:
          3. To set the transition style:
          4. To edit titles and comments:
          5. To apply miscellaneous settings:
          6. To preview the slideshow:
          7. To remove photos from a slideshow:
          8. To exit the Slideshow editor:
        3. Adding Photos
          1. To add photos to the slideshow:
          2. To rearrange photos:
        4. Adding Background Audio
          1. To add background audio:
          2. To set the audio volume:
          3. To remove background audio:
      6. 22. Archiving, Encoding, and Burning
        1. Creating a Project Archive
          1. To create a project archive:
        2. Choosing an Encoding Setting
          1. To choose an encoding setting for the current project:
          2. To choose an encoding setting for new projects:
          3. Best Performance
          4. High Quality
          5. Professional Quality
        3. Burning the DVD
          1. To change the name of the burned disc:
          2. To locate a missing asset:
          3. To burn the DVD:
        4. Saving as a Disc Image
          1. To save as a disc image:
          2. To burn a DVD disc from a disc image:
          3. To play a disc image using DVD Player:
        5. After the Burn
          1. Test your project
          2. Delete encoded assets
            1. To delete encoded assets:
          3. Make duplicates
    8. A. Troubleshooting
      1. iMovie and iDVD Troubleshooting
        1. Make the iMovie window smaller
        2. Quit other running applications
        3. Defragment your hard disk
        4. Turn off FileVault
        5. Trash iMovie or iDVD preferences
          1. To trash iMovie or iDVD preferences:
        6. Fixing out of sync audio/video
        7. Consult Apple’s support pages
      2. Disc Burning
        1. Have lots of disk space
        2. Ensure disk is formatted correctly
        3. Delete encoded assets
        4. Check DVD media
        5. Clean your SuperDrive
        6. Set Energy Saver settings
        7. Burn during the day
        8. Change audio quality
          1. To change a movie’s audio quality:
    9. B. Resources
      1. Essential Information
      2. Recommended Books
      3. Online Tutorials and Reference
      4. Audio Editing Applications
      5. iDVD Themes
      6. Other iMovie-Related Software
      7. Royalty-Free Audio Clips

    Product information

    • Title: iMovie ’08 & iDVD ’08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2007
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780321549808