Chapter 11. Movie Trailers

From iMovie’s beginning, its raison d’etre has been to take your otherwise boring home videos and make them shine with excitement and professionalism. Features like themes, titles, transitions, video effects, editing to a beat, and the Ken Burns effect give your movies a sleek veneer with very little effort on your part; if you attempted the same tasks manually in high-end editing software, it would take a lot more time and effort.

iMovie’s new movie-trailers feature is another gigantic leap forward in letting you create awesome videos with just a little extra work. In fact, iMovie’s trailers capability represents a merger of all the things that iMovie has done well for a long time: It combines titles, music, transitions, and artwork to give you a professional-looking trailer made from all your own footage. And iMovie does all the hard work for you!

What exactly is a movie trailer? It’s simply a preview, like the “Coming Attractions” commercial you see before a feature film, or the ad on TV that touts “Transformers 5: Hybrids Gone Mad.” In about 2 minutes, a trailer tells you enough about the movie so that you want to watch the whole thing. Trailers have become a form of entertainment all their own. For almost a decade, Apple, Yahoo, and other Internet bigwigs have dedicated entire websites to trailers for upcoming movies. Major studios even shoot footage just for a movie’s trailer. Pretty much every Pixar trailer, for example, contains funny, entertaining ...

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