Impact & Excellence

Book description

Learn to identify, capture, and utilize impactful data for organizational transformation

Impact & Excellence is the culmination of a four year research study into the most successful data-driven strategies for today's non-profit and government organizations. The book focuses on five strategic elements to success based on proven principles, with solutions that are easy to implement and often lead to sweeping change. Each chapter includes discussion questions and action items to help leaders implement key concepts in their own organizations. Included with purchase is access to the Measurement Culture Survey, which, will allow readers to access a free benchmark report.

  • Learn to implement a measurement culture that emphasizes strong performance and measurable outcomes
  • Read vivid case studies from successful organizations that do things differently
  • Learn to utilize and leverage data to take decisive actions within your organization
  • Avoid common barriers to developing a measurement culture and learn ways to overcome limitations

The book utilizes a series of experiences and templates to help leaders develop a unique action plan tailored to their organization's particular circumstances. Filled with real success stories to inspire readers and with full study results available in the appendix, Impact & Excellence is a crucial resource for leaders to enable their social sector organizations to prosper and compete in today's economy.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1: Social-Sector Impact and Excellence: The Call to Be More Strategic
    1. The Imperative of Managing to Outcomes
    2. Embracing a Measurement Culture
    3. Three Critical Components of Sustained Change
    4. The Next Step
    5. Impact & Excellence
  5. Chapter 2: The Imperative Future State: High-Performance Measurement Cultures
    1. The Path Forward: Toward the Desired Future State
    2. The Secret to Success
    3. Revenues and Expenditures
    4. Components of Outcomes Management
    5. Individual Performance Standards
    6. Preparing for Lasting Success
    7. A Journey to Truth: Collecting the Data on Data-Driven Cultures
    8. The Survey Says
    9. Size Doesn’t Matter
    10. Hidden Success Factors
    11. The Next Step
    12. Impact & Excellence
  6. Chapter 3: The Reality: We Are Not as Good as We Think We Are
    1. Common Practice
    2. The Measurement GPS
    3. The Data Management Approach
    4. Identifying Gaps
    5. The Next Step
    6. Impact & Excellence
  7. Chapter 4: Nonprofits and Measurement Cultures
    1. Nonprofit Structures
    2. Measurement Cultures: Foundational to Nonprofit Success
    3. Measurement Cultures: The Global Perspective
    4. Nonprofits and Measurement Cultures: The Internal Picture
    5. Audiences for Data
    6. Barriers to Implementation
    7. Build on Strengths
    8. Next Steps
    9. Impact & Excellence
  8. Chapter 5: Government and Measurement Cultures
    1. Measurement Cultures: A Moral Responsibility of Government
    2. The Outcomes of Government
    3. The Six Basic Functions of Government
    4. Audiences for Government Data
    5. Barriers to Implementation
    6. An Inevitable Movement to Managing to Outcomes
    7. Ample Resources
    8. Public Demand for Change
    9. Next Steps
    10. Impact & Excellence
  9. Chapter 6: Letting Go of Excuses: The “Five C’s” of Easy and Effective Impact and Excellence
    1. A Formula for Change
    2. An Urgent Call for Change
    3. Learning from Baseball
    4. A Fork in the Road
    5. Letting Go of Excuses
    6. Common Excuses
    7. Game Change
    8. Five Easy and Effective Steps to Excellence and Impact
    9. The Next Step
    10. Impact & Excellence
  10. Chapter 7: Culture and Leadership
    1. A Commitment to Data-Driven Excellence
    2. Three Essential Ingredients
    3. The Link between Culture and Measurement
    4. Culture Change
    5. Actions of Leadership
    6. Examining Leadership Competencies
    7. Selecting and Socializing Employees
    8. Leadership Development Strategies
    9. Improving Leadership Capacity
    10. Organizational Structures
    11. Putting Key Structures in Place
    12. The Next Step
    13. Impact & Excellence
  11. Chapter 8: Clarify Mission
    1. Mission and Measurement
    2. Aligning Measurement and Mission
    3. Concrete Steps to Clarity
    4. Five Whys
    5. The Power of Logic Models
    6. Creating a Logic Model: Best Practices
    7. Key Benefits of a Logic Model
    8. Going Deeper: Theory of Change
    9. Usefulness of Theory of Change Models
    10. Next Steps
    11. Impact & Excellence
  12. Chapter 9: Capture Impact: Getting Started
    1. Qualities of Good Measures
    2. A Variety of Measures
    3. Outcome and Output
    4. Outcome Categories
    5. Real-World Measures
    6. Unsuccessful Participants
    7. Cost Per Successful Client
    8. Stability of Health
    9. Increased Quality of Life
    10. Increase in Income
    11. Length of Stay
    12. Resident Satisfaction
    13. School Readiness
    14. Child Progress
    15. Percentage of Families Reporting an Increase in Self-Sufficiency
    16. Increase in Comprehensive Health Services
    17. Parent Engagement
    18. Gathering Data
    19. Survey Best Practices
    20. Survey Scales
    21. Testing Survey Questions
    22. Other Measurement Questions to Consider: The Measures Test
    23. Next Steps
    24. Impact & Excellence
  13. Chapter 10: Capture Impact: The Next Steps
    1. The Shift Toward Evidenced-Based Cultures
    2. The Gold Standard: Randomized Controlled Trial
    3. Introducing a Control or Comparison Group
    4. External Benchmarks
    5. A Word about Pre- and Post-Test Designs
    6. Retroactive Pre- and Post-Test Design
    7. Isolating Intervention Effects
    8. Working with External Evaluators
    9. One Step at a Time
    10. Next Steps
    11. Impact & Excellence
  14. Chapter 11: Communicate Value
    1. Options for Communicating Value and Impact
    2. Sticky Strategies
    3. Credibility and Communication
    4. Emotional and Relevant
    5. Turning Data into Dollars
    6. Using the Isolated Intervention Effect to Calculate ROI
    7. Creating Internal Communication Systems
    8. Grant Application Management
    9. Getting Started with Communicating Outcomes
    10. Next Steps
    11. Impact & Excellence
  15. Chapter 12: Change and Celebrate
    1. Embracing Change Confidently
    2. Best Practices for Using Data to Implement Change
    3. Implement Change
    4. Celebrate Success
    5. Next Steps
    6. Impact & Excellence
  16. Chapter 13: Taking the First Step
    1. Five Keys to Impact & Excellence: A Review
    2. An Impactful Action Planning Model
    3. Model of Success
    4. Taking the Leap Toward Impact & Excellence
    5. Impact & Excellence
  17. Appendix A: Leadership and Culture Self-Assessment
  18. Appendix B: Measurement Resources’ Measurement Culture Study Results
  19. References
  20. Acknowledgments
  21. About the Author
  22. More from Wiley
  23. Index
  24. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Impact & Excellence
  • Author(s): Sheri Chaney Jones
  • Release date: September 2014
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118911112