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Implementing and Integrating PowerShell DSC

Video Description

Explore the fundamentals of Enterprise Implementation and Integration with DevOps tools with PowerShell DSC

About This Video

  • Learn practical scenarios for enterprise processes with DevOps tools and integrate them with PowerShell DSC
  • Extend existing the DevOps toolsets with the flexibility of PowerShell DSC
  • Unleash DevOps and Cloud agility via integration with PowerShell DSC

In Detail

Windows Powershell is a scripting language specially designed for system administration and lets you manage computers from the command line. PowerShell DSC enables you to deploy and manage configuration data for software services and also manages the environment in which these services run.

In this course, we start with an introduction to implementing enterprise solutions and move on to integrating with burgeoning (and popular) DevOps tools. The course ends by implementing Infrastructure as a Code, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps on Microsoft Hybrid Cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack. Here we explore practical scenarios that an IT professional would come across while implementing DSC and automating tasks in a production infrastructure.