Getting Started

A fundamental strength of Java" is its ability to abstract itself from the operating system. Most tasks in this document apply to any operating system. If a task is system-dependent, I will endeavor to supply as many examples as possible for common environments. BEA WebLogic Portal code is free for a development environment, so the first order of business is to download the binaries.

Click on BEA WebLogic, and download the appropriate binaries for your system. They are available for Windows, all the commercial Unix systems, and Red Hat Linux. When downloading, pay special attention that you request the proper file, as the binary is processor dependent, as is the operating system. Itanium is starting to make inroads into the corporate data center, and WLP does take advantage of this. My experience with Itanium and BEA has been very favorable. For example, I've seen boot times increase by a factor of 5 over what was normal just a few short years ago with Sparc, PA-RISC, and Pentium.

These files are quite large—greater than 500 MB, and actually closer to 1 GB—so allow some time for this to complete. Before you install your binaries, check to see if your operating system requires any patches installed, as well as typical system requirements.

IT organizations in increasing numbers are using computers based on the Itanium processor and WebLogic, which require special libraries ...

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