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Implementing Configuration Manager Features

Video Description

A practical guide to implementing Configuration Manager features, such as operating system deployment, software updates and endpoint protection

About This Video

  • Practical, real-world scenarios that look into the various attributes of Windows 10 images and endpoint protection with Microsoft SCCM.

  • Discover how to integrate Intune into Configuration Manager.

  • Efficiently manage your mobile devices and the Advanced Hybrid Features of Microsoft SCCM

  • Master operating system deployment in Configuration Manager.

  • In Detail

    SCCM is the flagship systems management product from Microsoft that provides a comprehensive management solution for computer systems. It provides patch management, OS deployment, remote control, network protection and various other services. In this course you will explore operating system deployment and you will learn how to build and capture a Windows 10 image with Configuration Manager. You'll discover how to perform software distribution and software updates. By the end of this course you will also be confident in configuring endpoint protection and mobile device management.