Implementing DevOps with AWS

Video Description

Labs demonstrate infrastructure orchestration, CI/CD, and scaling on AWS using CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, and CodeStar.

About This Video

  • Learn to orchestrate your infrastructure with AWS developer tools.
  • Perform continuous integration and deployment to quickly deliver secure software.
  • Master the art of deploying and scaling your application on AWS infrastructures using DevOps

In Detail

Developing applications and deploying them to your infrastructure is challenging and time-consuming. Pushing updates and fixes, rolling out new features to the infrastructure, and working across different cloud providers can take days to weeks with the traditional approach because of human involvement.

This is where AWS comes the rescue with its set of DevOps services; it reduces the time taken to achieve the preceding steps to hours. This course covers all AWS DevOps tools used in the industry to achieve automation. The course is packed with hands-on examples and every effort has been put to make sure that you learn how to put AWS DevOps tools to work in the real world.

This course gives you hands-on experience with Cloud9, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, and CodeStar. You are 3 hours away from setting up automated processes, implementing Continuous Delivery, and managing application updates for your infrastructure on the AWS cloud.

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Product Information

  • Title: Implementing DevOps with AWS
  • Author(s): Salle Ingle
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788998840