92 Implementing EDI Solutions
2.4.3 Developing a test collaboration
The next step is the development of a collaboration that will generate the POResponse
document for processing by WebSphere Data Interchange. Open the System Manager and
expand the folder Collaboration Templates. Locate the template CollaborationFoundation and
copy/paste it in the folder Collaboration Templates.
Name the copied template WDI_Outbound_Template. Open the new template in the Process
Designer, by double-clicking it. Select Template -> Open Template Definitions to update the
template. Select the tab Ports and Triggering Events. Update the BO Name for each port and
set it to POACK_POResponse. Change the field Create for the row From to Main (see
Figure 2-24).
Apply the changes and compile the updated template.You can delete the port
DestinationAppRetrieve, but that is not required.
Figure 2-24 Update the template definitions
Now that we have a template that fits our needs, we can create a collaboration object.
Right-click the folder Collaborations and select New collaboration object from the context
menu. Select the template WDI_Outbound_Template and name the new collaboration
WDI_Outbound. Select Next. Bind now the ports to connectors, as shown in Figure 2-25 on
page 93.
Set the From port to the PortConnector and the To port to the MQSeriesConnector. Set also
the DestinationAppRetriever port to the PortConnector, if you have not deleted this port in the
Note: If your installation of the Interchange Server does not have this template, you can
find an import file for this template as part of the additional material for this redbook. Refer
to Appendix B, “Additional material” on page 217.
Note: If you do not see the PortConnector as an available choice, you need to update the
list of supported business objects for the PortConnector and include the business object
Chapter 2. Implementing iSoft P2PAgent 93
Click Next twice and click Finish to complete the definition of this collaboration.
Figure 2-25 Bind the ports of the collaboration
If all steps went well, the System Manager will now show a graphical representation of the
collaboration, as shown in Figure 2-26.
Figure 2-26 WDI_Outbound collaboration
Finally, start the collaboration by selecting Component -> Start WDI_Outbound. Or select
the start command from the context menu of the collaboration.

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