Chapter 7. WebSphere Integration Brokers Monitoring 205
Figure 7-6 Agent configuration options
12.If the option to configure the agent default connection to the CMS is checked,
the next menu presented will be Figure 7-7 on page 206.
a. Select Connection must pass through firewall if the agent must
communicate through a firewall.
b. Select the communication protocol for connection between the agent and
the CMS (TCP/IP, IP.PIPE, or SNA).
c. Select Optional: Secondary CMS Connection if a secondary connection
will be used.
206 Implementing IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration V1.1
Figure 7-7 Agent connection to CMS
13.The next menu will request information about the CMS (see Figure 7-8 on
page 207). Assuming the use of TCP/IP, provide the following information:
a. Enter the host name or IP address of the CMS.
b. Enter the port of the CMS.
Chapter 7. WebSphere Integration Brokers Monitoring 207
Figure 7-8 Agent’s CMS connection settings
14.Once the installation is complete, you will see a menu stating that the install is
complete and it presents the option to view the README file. Click Finish.
Installing on UNIX
The UNIX installation can be completed using the GUI or command line options.
In this section, we will use the command line options. If you choose to use the
GUI options, see 7.2.2, “Setting up the environment prior to installation” on
page 199 for a suggested environment setup.
Do the following to install on UNIX:
1. Log on to the system as root.
2. Load the installation image (choose one of the following methods):
Mount the CD locally.
Access the image via NFS mount.
Copy the image locally to the system.
3. Change directories to the image location.
4. Execute
208 Implementing IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration V1.1
5. Since we did not provide a directory at the command line, it will prompt for
CANDLEHOME. Press Enter to use the default.
Enter the name of the CANDLEHOME directory
[ default = /candle ]:
6. If the CANDLEHOME directory exists, it will ask if you will to use this. Press
Enter to take the default.
CANDLEHOME directory "/candle" already exists.
OK to use it [ y or n; "y" is default ]?
7. Next, it will provide the listing of installation options (Figure 7-9). Select the
option you wish to use; in this section, we have selected option 2:
Figure 7-9 Installation options
8. You are provided with the operating systems for the product packages
(Figure 7-10 on page 209). Select the default unless you want to override it. It
will then ask you to verify that the information is correct. Review and verify this
information. If correct, press Enter.
Note: The script can be executed with optional flags; however, we
will execute it without any flags. See Installing and Setting up IBM Tivoli
OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration, SC31-6885 for
Prior to installing OMEGAMON XE agents, you should already
have installed Candle Management Server on at least one machine.
You will need to know the IP address or host name and IP port number
for the Candle Management Server in order to configure your agents.
The Candle Management Server is available on the OMEGAMON Platform CD.
Select one of the following:
1) Install products or maintenance via GUI.
2) Install products via command line.
3) Install maintenance via command line.
4) Create remote packages via GUI.
5) Create remote packages via command line.
6) View readme files.
7) Exit install.
Please enter a valid number: 2
Chapter 7. WebSphere Integration Brokers Monitoring 209
Figure 7-10 Available operating systems
9. Next, a screen with the list of agents to install appears (Figure 7-11 on
page 210). Enter the number 1 for the WebSphere Integration Brokers Agent.
Then it will ask for verification that this is the agent to install. Press Enter to
install the agent.
Product packages are available for the following operating systems:
1) AIX R4.3.3
2) AIX R5.1 (32 bit)
3) AIX R5.1 (64 bit)
4) AIX R5.2 (32 bit)
5) AIX R5.2 (64 bit)
6) HP-UX R11
7) HP-UX R11 (64 bit)
8) Linux Intel R2.4 (32 bit)
9) Linux Intel R2.4 (64 bit)
10) Linux S390 R2.4 (32 bit)
11) Linux S390 R2.4 (64 bit)
12) Solaris R7 (32 bit)
13) Solaris R7 (64 bit)
14) Solaris R8 (32 bit)
15) Solaris R8 (64 bit)
16) Solaris R9 (32 bit)
17) Solaris R9 (64 bit)
18) _CMS support for products running on UNIX
Type the number for the OS you want, or type "q" to quit selection
[ number "4" or "AIX R5.2 (32 bit)" is default ]:
You selected number "4" or "AIX R5.2 (32 bit)"
Is the selection system correct [ y or n; "y" is default ]?

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