210 Implementing IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration V1.1
Figure 7-11 Agent selection
10.Then the installer will ask if you want to install any other agents. Select the
default (n). It will then inform you to make sure that the CMS is installed with
the agent support.
Now that the agent has been successfully installed on the target system(s), the
next steps are to configure the CMS and the agent.
7.4 Installing the seed file on the CMS
Before monitoring can be used, the CMS to which the agent reports must be
seeded. The seed process adds product data, including situations, templates,
and sample data to the CMS database.
Installing the seed files on UNIX and Windows must be done using the local
option, while seeding a CMS on z/OS can be done using the remote option. The
following steps detail the seed process for UNIX and Windows.
The following products are available for installation:
1) WebSphere Integration Brokers V130R106
2) WebSphere InterChange Server Data Source V110R110
3) WebSphere InterChange Server V110R109
4) WebSphere MQ V370R108
5) all of the above
Type the numbers for the products you want to install, or type "q" to
quit selection.
If you enter more than one number, separate the numbers by a comma or
a space.
Type your selections here: 1
The following products will be installed:
WebSphere Integration Brokers V130R106
Are your selections correct [ y or n; "y" is default ]?

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