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Implementing IBM

Book Description

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® gives organizations unprecedented control over software development, helping them fix defects, make enhancements, manage issues, update documentation, and deliver better products, faster. Now there's an easy-to-use ClearQuest deployment guide for every team member--in development, product management, field operations, support, and beyond.

Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest brings together all you need to integrate ClearQuest into an overarching change-management system that works. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors present a detailed, easyto-use roadmap for each step of ClearQuest deployment, from evaluating business cases through planning, design, and implementation. You will find the industry's clearest, most useful explanations of ClearQuest technology here, along with real-world examples, best practices, diagrams, and actionable steps. This book will help you

  • Thoroughly understand the strategic and tactical challenges of change management

  • Implement ClearQuest effectively, whether you're in a small team or a global enterprise

  • Model your existing system: actors, use cases, activity diagrams, workflow, and reporting

  • Define classes, states, transitions, deployment diagrams, and system-level design

  • Install, configure, and use the Eclipse™ ClearQuest plugin

  • Use multisite synchronization, mastership, and conflict resolution

  • Efficiently handle testing, migration, administration, backup, and training

Regardless of your role or previous experience, this book will help you shape and execute your ClearQuest rollout to drive maximum business value--now, and for years to come.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
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  3. The developerWorks® Series: IBM Press
  4. IBM Press
    1. Websphere® Books
    2. On Demand Computing Books
    3. Rational® Software Books
    4. More Books From IBM Press
    5. DB2® Books
  5. Preface
    1. Why This Book?
    2. The Goal of This Book
    3. Our Writing Style
    4. Who Should Read This Book
    5. The Structure of This Book
  6. About the Authors
  7. 1. Building and Maintaining the Feedback Loop with Customers
    1. Eye Protection Recommended
    2. It’s the Tools, Stupid
    3. ClearQuest Roadmap
  8. 2. The Value Proposition
    1. Understanding the Components
    2. Defining Your Value Proposition
    3. Getting Team Buy-In
    4. Understanding Target User Scenarios
    5. The Value of Improving Quality
    6. developerWorks Links
  9. 3. Selling Your Team on Change Management
    1. Understanding Change Requests
    2. Tracking Change Requests
    3. Is It the Process or the Tools?
    4. How and What to Plug and Play
    5. Making Your Business Case
    6. developerWorks Links
  10. 4. Moving Parts
    1. ClearQuest Fundamentals
    2. Change Request Lifecycle
    3. ClearQuest Components
    4. Installation
    5. Moving Around in ClearQuest
      1. Submitting Your Change Requests
      2. Moving Change Requests Through the Workflow
      3. Tracking Your Change Requests
      4. Gathering Project Metrics
    6. Administering and Customizing ClearQuest
      1. ClearQuest Databases and Schemas
      2. Starting ClearQuest Designer
    7. Coming Up for Air
    8. developerWorks Links
  11. 5. Analyzing Your Company’s Needs
    1. Actors
    2. Use Cases
    3. Activity Diagrams
    4. Reports
    5. developerWorks Links
  12. 6. Designing Your System
    1. Classes
      1. Class Notation
      2. Class Relationships
      3. Finding Classes
      4. Some Class Examples
    2. Statechart Diagrams
      1. States and Transitions
      2. Charts and Transitions
    3. User Interface Design
      1. System-Level Design and Deployment Diagrams
    4. developerWorks Links
  13. 7. Implementation: Schema and Database Design
    1. Picking a Schema
    2. Using ClearQuest Designer
    3. Working with Users and Roles
    4. Working with Existing Schemas
    5. Creating New Schemas and Databases
    6. Setting Up Database Options
      1. Microsoft Access
      2. SQL Server
      3. SQL Anywhere
      4. Oracle
      5. DB2
    7. Scripts (Basic or Perl)
    8. developerWorks Links
  14. 8. Implementation: Customizing the Schema and Creating Hooks
    1. Record Types
    2. Record Type Families
    3. Fields
    4. Adding a Reference to Another Object as a Choice List
      1. Adding a Reference to Another Object
      2. Adding a Multiple-Choice List
      3. Writing a List of Choices with a Script
      4. Adding Dynamic Lists of Choices
    5. States
      1. Adding a New State to a Record
      2. Adding Transitions to a State
      3. Adding Actions to a State
    6. Forms
      1. Adding New Forms for a Record
      2. Specifying Permissions for Tabs and Forms
      3. Adding Fields to a Form
      4. Adding Available Controls
      5. Validating User Input in Fields
    7. Hook Scripting
      1. Action Hooks
      2. Field Hooks
    8. One Last Thing
    9. developerWorks Links
  15. 9. ClearQuest for Eclipse
    1. Installing and Configuring the ClearQuest Plug-in
      1. Connecting to Databases
      2. Setting E-mail Options
      3. User Profiles
      4. Considerations for ClearQuest MultiSite
    2. ClearQuest Eclipse Plug-in Preferences
    3. Using the Plug-in
      1. The ClearQuest Perspective
      2. ClearQuest Views
        1. ClearQuest Navigator View
        2. ClearQuest Query Results View
        3. ClearQuest Record Details View
        4. Console View
        5. Tasks View
      3. Queries
        1. Creating a New Query
        2. Editing an Existing Query
        3. Saving a Query
        4. Renaming or Deleting a Query
        5. Viewing the SQL Version of a Query
        6. Executing a Query on Startup
        7. Executing a Query
        8. Viewing Multiple Query Results
    4. Records
      1. Viewing a Record’s Information
      2. Performing Actions on a Record
        1. Performing Actions from the ClearQuest Query Results View
        2. Performing Actions from the ClearQuest Record Details View
      3. Refreshing Records in the ClearQuest Query Results View
      4. Creating Records
      5. Finding Records
      6. Working with Record Attachments
        1. Creating an Attachment
        2. Deleting an Attachment
        3. Opening an Attachment
    5. developerWorks Links
  16. 10. ClearQuest Integrations
    1. Independent Integrations
    2. Dependent Integrations
      1. Adding Packages to Your Schema
      2. Enabling Record Types for Integrations
    3. ClearQuest Packages
    4. UCM Integration
      1. UCM Concepts
        1. Projects
        2. Streams
        3. Baselines
        4. Activities
        5. Components
      2. ClearQuest/UCM Components and Packages
      3. Adding the UCM Integration to Your Schema
        1. Adding the AMStateTypes Package
        2. Setting Up the Default Actions for UCM
        3. Adding the UCMPolicy Scripts Package
        4. Adding the UnifiedChangeManagement (UCM) Package
        5. Adding the BaseCMActivity Package
      4. Setting Up IBM Rational UCM for ClearQuest Integration
    5. Developing Your Own Integration
      1. Outbound Integration
      2. Inbound Integration
      3. Data Translation
    6. developerWorks Links
  17. 11. Deployment and Administration
    1. Knowing Your Databases
      1. Establishing Connections
      2. Creating User Databases
      3. Database Backups
    2. Web Client or No Web Client?
      1. Simple Configuration
      2. Extended Configuration
      3. Optimized Configuration
      4. Hybrid Configuration
      5. Installation Steps
      6. Postinstallation Steps
      7. Validating Your Web Setup
    3. Training
    4. Legacy Systems and Data Migration
      1. Burning the Bridges
      2. Phased Approach
      3. Dual-System Solution
    5. developerWorks Links
  18. 12. Multisite Development
    1. ClearQuest MultiSite Concepts
      1. Clans, Families, and Sites
      2. Schema Repository Types
      3. Synchronization
      4. Mastership
      5. Resolving Conflicts
        1. Workspace Objects
        2. Stateless Records
        3. User Objects
    2. ClearQuest MultiSite Design
      1. Mastership
      2. Synchronization
        1. One-to-One Synchronization
        2. Ring Synchronization
        3. Single-Hub Synchronization
        4. Multiple-Hub Synchronization
        5. Tree Synchronization
        6. Many-to-Many Synchronization
      3. Workflow
      4. Administration
    3. ClearQuest MultiSite and Tool Integration
    4. ClearQuest MultiSite Implementation
      1. Database Set Activation
      2. Export
      3. Database Creation
      4. Import
    5. Syncups
    6. Oplogs and Epoch Numbers
    7. Managing a Replica Syncup
      1. Recovering Packets
      2. Recovering Replicas
      3. Removing a Broken Replica
    8. Keeping a Multisite Deployment Organized
    9. developerWorks Links
  19. Epilogue
    1. The Change Agent
    2. Shameless Plug
    3. Additional Resources
    4. developerWorks Links