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Implementing Informatica PowerCenter 9

Video Description

Work with various transformations and implement different types of SCDs in PowerCenter 9

About This Video

  • Get equipped to work with advanced transformations

  • Work with the Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) problem

  • Sharpen your data warehousing skills with this pragmatic guide

  • In Detail

    This video course begins by teaching you all there is to know about transformations, one of the most important aspects in Informatica. These transformations are arranged on the basis of their importance and usage. You will learn how to use transformations such as Aggregator and Filter, after which you will move on to more advanced transformations such as Joiner, Union, and Rank. The second half of this course revolves around how to classify transformations, based on whether they're active/passive, or connected/unconnected. Finally, you will learn to implement the Slowly Changing Dimension problem and sharpen your data warehousing skills!