Chapter 1. Introduction to iSeries Integration for Linux Server 3
1.2 Positioning between Intel Linux and Linux on POWER
The remaining sections briefly survey the iSeries implementation, look at some of the ways
the two Linux environments can complement each other, and discuss how Linux might be
used to enhance the iSeries environment.
1.2.1 Linux on POWER on iSeries
The iSeries server provides the ability to run Linux on the iSeries server in an LPAR partition.
The primary partition must be running OS/400 V5R1 or later, which provides the support
required to boot the kernel in a secondary partition. The Linux operating system needs to be
installed and executed in a secondary iSeries partition.
In the first release, the integration with OS/400 was minimal. Over time, the integration
between OS/400 and Linux has been enhanced. For those who are familiar with the
Integrated xSeries Server for iSeries (formerly the Integrated Netfinity Server and Integrated
PC Server), the most basic support of Linux resembles IBMs effort to provide affinity to the
Microsoft® Windows operating systems. The most notable difference is that Linux runs
directly on the iSeries POWER hardware, rather than on an integrated adapter or external
xSeries running on an Intel processor.
iSeries hosted or non-hosted
On the POWER implementation there are essentially two types of guest partitions: Hosted
and non-hosted. The options available to the partition depend on how the partition is
configured. A hosted partition does not preclude utilizing IOA directly attached to Linux, but a
non-hosted partition excludes the use of virtual DASD, tape, or CD-ROM, since it does not
have a hosting partition to provide these functions. The virtual console and virtual LAN are
available to both types of partition. Table 1-1 presents the options that are available.
Table 1-1 Comparison between hosted and non-hosted Linux partitions
Note: With POWER5™ based new hardwares and i5/OS™ V5R3, LPAR partition creation
and management are done through a Hardware Management Console (HMC). The
concepts and requirements of the primary and secondary partitions exist no more.
Attention: To run Linux on iSeries hardware, you must have OS/400 Version 5 or later
installed in the primary partition. Linux is not enabled to run as the sole operating system
on the iSeries server.
Attention: It is possible to have a hosted partition and use both virtual and native (directly
attached) I/O. It is not possible to have a non-hosted partition and use virtual DASD, virtual
tape, or virtual optical. The virtual console and virtual LAN are available to both
Resource Hosted Non-hosted
Boot disk *NWSSTG, STMF, via IOA, A or
B slot
Via IOA, A or B slot
Other DASD *NWSSTG or via IOA Via IOA
Tape Virtual or via IOA* Via IOA*
CD-ROM, DVD-RAM Virtual or via IOA* Via IOA*

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