NetScaler® networking

We have gone through the basic setup of NetScaler, its different modes, and its basic features. Now, we will go deeper into the different IP addresses that can be used in NetScaler and how they operate. NetScaler can have the following different IP addresses:

  • NSIP: This is the NetScaler IP address
  • MIP: This is the mapped IP address
  • SNIP: This is the subnet IP address
  • VIP: This is the virtual IP address
  • GSLBIP: This is the Global Server Load Balancing site IP address
  • CLIP: This is the cluster IP address

We will not cover clustering as part of this book.


As we have discussed earlier, this IP address is used for management purposes in the local NetScaler, and it is used to authenticate against services such as AD, LDAP, and Radius. ...

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