My name is the name on the cover of this book, but I can't possibly take all of the credit for the finished product. I can't thank the staff at John Wiley and Sons enough for their hard work and dedication in bringing this book to print — Charlotte Kughen for tirelessly correcting my overly casual use of the English language, David Chapa for his encouragement and gentle feedback, Maureen Spears for her infinite patience with me every time I asked to make last-minute changes long after the time for last-minute changes had passed (I'm sure some day you'll look back on this and laugh) and finally to Carol Long for understanding what I was trying to accomplish and expending so much effort to get the green light for this project in the first place.

Thanks to the OpenSSL development team for their excellent software, which I made such heavy use of while developing and testing the code in this book, and to Thomas Hruska of Shining Light Productions for his feedback as well. Many thanks to the IETF TLS working group who volunteer their time to generate free, openly accessibly specifications for no compensation beyond the satisfaction that they are making the world a better, safer place. I've enjoyed debating and discussing the finer points of TLS with all of you while I was lurking on the mailing list over the past three years. This book is in no small part the culmination of the understanding I've achieved from listening to all of you.

I must, of course, acknowledge the ...

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