550 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
11.1.2 SAN configuration planning
External storage controllers that are virtualized by IBM Storwize V5000 must be connected
through SAN switches. A direct connection between the IBM Storwize V5000 and storage
controllers or hosts ports is not supported.
Make sure that the switches or directors are at the firmware levels that are supported by the
IBM Storwize V5000 and that the IBM Storwize V5000 port login maximums that are listed in
the restriction document are not exceeded. The configuration restrictions can be found on the
Support home page, which is available at this website:
The recommended SAN configuration is composed of a minimum of two fabrics. The ports on
external storage systems are virtualized by the IBM Storwize V5000 and the IBM Storwize
V5000 ports and are evenly split between the two fabrics to provide redundancy if one of the
fabrics goes offline.
After the IBM Storwize V5000 and external storage systems are connected to the SAN
fabrics, zoning must be implemented. In each fabric, create a zone with the four IBM Storwize
V5000 worldwide port names (WWPNs), two from each node canister with up to a maximum
of eight WWPNs from each external storage system.
Ports: IBM Storwize V5000 supports a maximum of 16 ports or WWPNs from an external
storage system that is virtualized.

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