54 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
You can enter the contact details of the main storage administrator in the nest window, as
shown in Figure 2-25. You can choose to enter the details for a 24-hour operations desk.
These details also are sent with any Call Home. This information allows IBM Support to
contact the correct people to quickly progress any issues.
Figure 2-25 Contact details
The next window is for email server details. To enter more than one email server, click the
+ icon, as shown in Figure 2-26 on page 55.
Important: Unless the IBM Storwize V5000 is in the US, the state or province field should
be completed by using XX. Follow the help for correct entries for locations inside the US.
Chapter 2. Initial configuration 55
Figure 2-26 Email server details
The IBM Storwize V5000 also can configure local email alerts. These can be sent to a
storage administrator or an email alias for a team of administrators or operators. To add
more than one recipient, click the green
+ icon, as shown in Figure 2-27.
Figure 2-27 Event notification
56 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Clicking Apply and Next displays the summary window for the call home options, as
shown in Figure 2-28.
Figure 2-28 Call Home summary
Click Apply and Next.
6. The initial configuration wizard moves on to the Configure Storage option next. This option
takes all the disks in the IBM Storwize V5000 and automatically configures them into
optimal RAID arrays for use as MDisks. If you do not want to automatically configure disks
now, select No and you exit the wizard to the IBM Storwize V5000 GUI, as shown in
Figure 2-29 on page 57.
Chapter 2. Initial configuration 57
Figure 2-29 Configure Storage option
Selecting Yes and clicking Next moves to the summary window that shows the RAID
configuration that the IBM Storwize V5000 implement, as shown in Figure 2-30.
Figure 2-30 Storage Configuration Summary
58 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
The storage pool is created when you click, Finish as shown in Figure 2-31.
Figure 2-31 Storage array creation
Closing the task box completes the Initial configuration wizard and automatically directs you
to the Create Hosts task option on the GUI, as shown in Figure 2-32.
Figure 2-32 Create hosts
If you choose to create hosts at this stage, see Chapter 4, “Host configuration” on page 153
for details.
Selecting Cancel exits to the IBM Storwize V5000 GUI. There is also a hot link to the
e-Learning tours that are available through the GUI.

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