110 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Figure 3-53 Peak SAS Interface usage v
alue over the last 5 minutes
3.4.3 Pools menu
The Pools menu provides access to the Volumes by Pools, Internal Storage, MDisks by Pools,
and System Migration functions, as shown in Figure 3-54.
Figure 3-54 Pools menu
Chapter 3. Graphical user interface overview 111
Volumes by Pool panel
Select Volumes by Pool in the Pools menu to open the panel. By using the Volumes by Pool
panel, you can display volumes by using the Pool Filter function. This view makes it easy to
manage volumes and determine the amount of real capacity that is available for more
allocations. Figure 3-55 shows the Volumes by Pool panel.
Figure 3-55 Volumes by Pools panel
Volume Allocation
The upper right corner of the Volumes by Pool panel shows the Volume Allocation, which, in
this example, shows the physical capacity (3.81 TB), the virtual capacity (5.10 TB), and the
used capacity (204.00 GB in the green portion). The red bar shows the threshold at which a
warning is generated when the used capacity in the pool first exceeds the threshold that is set
for the physical capacity of the pool. By default, this threshold is set to 80% but can be altered
in the pool properties. Figure 3-56 shows the volume allocation information that is displayed
in the Volumes by Pool panel.
Figure 3-56 Volume Allocation
112 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Renaming pools
To rename a pool, select the pool from the pool filter and click the name of the pool.
Figure 3-57 shows that pool V5
000_Pool_1 was selected to be renamed.
Figure 3-57 Renaming a pool
Changing pool icons
To change the icon that is associated with a pool, select the pool in the pool filter, click the
large pool icon that is above New Volume and Actions, then use the Choose Icon buttons to
select the wanted image. This change helps to manage and differentiate between the classes
of drive or the tier of the storage pool. Figure 3-58 shows the pool change icon panel.
Figure 3-58 Changing a pool icon
Chapter 3. Graphical user interface overview 113
Volume functions
The Volumes by Pool panel also provides access to the volume functions via the Actions
menu, the New Volume option, and by right-clicking a listed volume. For more information
about navigating the Volume panel, see 3.4.4, “Volumes menu” on page 121. Figure 3-59
shows the volume functions that are available via the Volumes by Pool panel.
Figure 3-59 Volume functions are available via the Volume by Pools panel
114 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Internal Storage panel
Select Internal Storage in the Pools menu to open the Internal Storage panel, as shown in
Figure 3-60. The internal storage consists of the drives that are contained in the IBM Storwize
V5000 control enclosure and an
y SAS-attached IBM Storwize V5000 expansion enclosures.
By using the Internal Storage panel, you can configure the internal storage into RAID
protected storage (MDisks). You can also filter the displayed drive list by drive class.
Figure 3-60 Drive actions menu of the internal storage panel
Drive actions
Drive level functions, such as, identifying a drive and marking a drive as offline, unused,
candidate, or spare, can be accessed here. Right-click a listed drive to show the Actions
menu. Alternatively, the drives can be selected and then the Action menu is used. For more
information, see “Multiple selections” on page 91. Figure 3-60 shows the Drive Actions menu.
Drive properties
Drive properties and dependent volumes can be displayed from the Internal Storage panel.
Select Properties from the Drive Actions menu. The drive Properties panel shows the drive
attributes and the drive slot SAS port status. Figure 3-61 on page 115 shows the drive
properties with the Show Details option selected.

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