Implementing World Class IT Strategy

Book description

The actionable guide for driving organizational innovation through better IT strategy

With rare insight, expert technology strategist Peter High emphasizes the acute need for IT strategy to be developed not in a vacuum, but in concert with the broader organizational strategy. This approach focuses the development of technology tools and strategies in a way that is comprehensive in nature and designed with the concept of value in mind. The role of CIO is no longer "just" to manage IT strategy—instead, the successful executive will be firmly in tune with corporate strategy and a driver of a technology strategy that is woven into overall business objectives at the enterprise and business unit levels.

High makes use of case examples from leading companies to illustrate the various ways that IT infrastructure strategy can be developed, not just to fall in line with business strategy, but to actually drive that strategy in a meaningful way. His ideas are designed to provide real, actionable steps for CIOs that both increase the executive's value to the organization and unite business and IT in a manner that produces highly-successful outcomes.

  • Formulate clearer and better IT strategic plans
  • Weave IT strategy into business strategy at the corporate and business unit levels
  • Craft an infrastructure that aligns with C-suite strategy
  • Close the gap that exists between IT leaders and business leaders

While function, innovation, and design remain key elements to the development and management of IT infrastructure and operations, CIOs must now think beyond their primary purview and recognize the value their strategies and initiatives will create for the organization. With Implementing World Class IT Strategy, the roadmap to strategic IT excellence awaits.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Chapter 1: “Techtonic” Plates
    1. IT’s Gold Medal
    2. Strategy, IT, and Public or Private Sectors
    3. The CIO: From Process-Centric to Strategic
    4. Truly Strategic IT
  3. Chapter 2: The CIO as Strategic Facilitator
    1. Clarity About Priorities
    2. An IT They Can’t Leave Out
    3. Early Intervention into Planning
    4. Olsovsky’s IT Strategy
    5. Introducing the OGTM
    6. What Makes IT So Inherently Strategic?
    7. The Value of Boldness
    8. Take-Aways on IT’s Central Role in Strategy
  4. Chapter 3: IT Missions
    1. One CIO’s Filtered Vision
    2. Mission Time
    3. IT Mission at Google
    4. Marriott IT: Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition
    5. Common Factors in Other IT Missions
    6. Where a Mission Is Most Needed
    7. IT Mission Take-Aways
  5. Chapter 4: Facilitating Corporate and Divisional Strategy
    1. An Executive Mandate, But . . .
    2. IT and Marketing: An Example of Facilitation Using SWOT Analysis
    3. From SWOT to OGTM
    4. A Real-World Example: Red Robin
    5. Ambition to Grow Further
    6. Facilitation Take-Aways
  6. Chapter 5: IT Strategy Creation
    1. The Listening CIO
    2. Exploring Cross-Functional Tactical Needs
    3. Searching for IT Strategic Insights in Divisional OGTMs
    4. Other Strategic Frameworks
    5. Linking IT Strategy with the Strategies of the Rest of the Organization
    6. IT Strategy Take-Aways
  7. Chapter 6: Enterprise Architecture
    1. Four Facets of Enterprise Architecture
    2. Creating an Enterprise Architecture Function
    3. The EA Team
    4. The Tie to the OGTMs
    5. The EA Roadmap Demystified
    6. EA at Cardinal Health
    7. EA at NetApp
    8. The Enterprise Architecture Payoff
    9. EA Take-Aways
  8. Chapter 7: Reviewing, Refreshing, and Communicating Strategy
    1. Reviewing and Refreshing Strategy
    2. Communicating Strategy
    3. Intel IT’s Annual Performance Report
    4. Leverage Communication Vehicles
    5. Review and Communication Take-Aways
  9. Chapter 8: The Challenging Work Ahead
    1. In Bad Times or Good
    2. Why You, as CIO?
    3. Strategy: Still the Name of the Game
    4. Get Started
  10. Bibliography
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. The Author
  13. Index
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Product information

  • Title: Implementing World Class IT Strategy
  • Author(s): Peter A. High
  • Release date: September 2014
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118634110