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Book Description

The Internet is behaving in a way that is affecting everything we do. And it is making us think about things in a way we never previously thought. The Internet is contrary and the opposite of previous inventions. It has, oddly, a reverse polarity of discovery in which seeking to know more about what and who we already know (think Facebook, Twitter, Google) is more valid than learning new things. This is the “implosion” that this book examines. It then goes on to assess the great impact this “reverse polarity” will have on society and business. The creation of the Internet, the most significant invention for many generations, is driving culture inwards instead of outwards (unlike many of history’s other prestigious cultural innovations). It is an implosive force, annihilating and creating simultaneously. And it will change forever the way society and business communicates. This book offers a controversial insight into where we are heading and predicts an exciting future that is just a few clicks away.