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Improve Your Memory, Sixth Edition

Book Description

Want to retain more of what you read, perform better on tests, or just remember where you left your car keys? Author Ron Fry's effective system has helped thousands of people successfully adapt today's best memorization techniques to their own needs and situations. Packed with quizzes designed to pinpoint your specific trouble spots--as well as proven strategies for any memory-based task-- IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY is the only book you need to improve your memory power for a lifetime.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword Something to Remember
    1. What Can Parents Do?
    2. If You’re Going Back to School Yourself
    3. Some Random Thoughts About Learning
    4. There Aren’t Many Study Rules
    5. What You’ll Remember from This One
    6. The Last Bit of Introductory Stuff
  3. 1. Start Your Memory Banks
    1. Beef Up Your RAM
    2. Let’s Play Memory Tag
    3. Can You Twist and Shout...And Remember?
    4. Once You Learn the Tricks...
    5. ...The Rest Is Easy
  4. 2. And Now for a Little Quiz
    1. Test 1: Numbers
    2. Test 2: Words and Definitions
    3. Test 3: Names
    4. Test 4: Dates
    5. Test 5: Reading Retention
    6. Questions
    7. Questions
  5. 3. Roy G. Biv and Friends
    1. Our Boy Roy
    2. The Rain in Spain
    3. The Stranger the Better
    4. Show Me...Missouri!
    5. Is This Efficient?
    6. Those Were the Days...
    7. Hear My Song
    8. Relax and Have Fun
    9. There’s the Rub
  6. 4. Reading and Remembering
    1. Reading to Remember
    2. Reading Faster Without Speed Reading
    3. One Chapter at a Time
    4. When Reading Is a Formula
    5. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
    6. Retention
    7. Still Having Trouble?
      1. Take Notes
      2. Become an Active Reader
      3. Understand, Don’t Memorize
      4. Organize the Material
      5. Develop Good Reading Habits
    8. In Case You Forgot
  7. 5. One Chapter to a Better Vocabulary
    1. The Building Blocks Method
    2. A Note on English
    3. The Roots of Language
    4. The Cart Before the Horse
    5. The Tail That Wags the Dog
    6. Practice Those Prefixes
    7. Method with Madness in It
  8. 6. Taking Notes to Remember Text
    1. Reverse Engineering
      1. The Bare Bones of Outlining
      2. Title
      3. Author
    2. Create a Timeline
    3. Draw a Concept Tree
    4. Add a Vocabulary List
  9. 7. Rembring How too Spel Gud
    1. Double or Nothing
    2. Is It “i” Before “e” or...?
    3. Honest “-able”
    4. Affect and Effect
    5. Its vs. It’s
    6. Your vs. You’re
    7. Plurals and Possession
    8. Rules Are Meant to be Broken
  10. 8. Remembering Numbers the Mnemonic Way
    1. Making Friends with Numbers
    2. Now What?
    3. Consonantal Divide
    4. A Great Date
    5. Everybody Loves Them Dead Presidents
      1. How Did You Do?
    6. Where to Hang Your Memory
  11. 9. Remembering Names and Faces
    1. Take a Good Look
    2. Make Sure You Got It
    3. Think of a Link
  12. 10. Let’s Not Forget ADD
    1. Characteristics of People with ADD
    2. Why ADD Kids Have Trouble in School
    3. Specific Suggestions for Remembering
  13. 11. Test Your Progress
    1. Test 1: The Mnemonic Alphabet
    2. Test 2: A Better Vocabulary
    3. Test 3: Dates and Events
      1. Questions
    4. Test 4: Reading Retention
      1. Questions
      2. Questions
    5. Test 5: Remembering Lists, However Obscure
    6. Test 6: The Rules of English Spelling
  14. Notes
  15. About the Author