214 Improving Business Performance Insight
sign-on for the portlet user with the respective enterprise application. After the
selections are made, the portal server stores the configuration information
needed to run the portlet. No new Java code or service needs to be deployed,
just the configuration information for each portlet.
Using this approach, anyone who understands the usage pattern of the
enterprise application system can build a portlet in a short time and optionally
include presence awareness and data exchange between portlets and enterprise
applications using click-to-action.
Collaboration portlets
Corporate portals connect people to the applications, content, and resources
they need. Portals also connect people to each other through community pages,
shared bookmarks, contact lists, and personal productivity portlets. Collaboration
is really about people working efficiently and effectively in teams to solve
business problems. WebSphere Portal includes out-of-the-box, preconfigured
pages, portlets, and services designed to support the team and its activities, with
messaging, document libraries, user profiles, in-boxes, calendars, online
directory services, team workplaces, and electronic meetings. Users can access
these collaborative services in the context of what they are currently doing,
instead of having to leave the portal to open another application.
A portal user can see directly from a portlet if other users are online and select
from a menu of options to interact with another user. For example, while working
in the portal, users can easily see who else is online and then send an instant
message, send an e-mail, or add a person to their contact lists. Collaborative
portlets have advanced built-in features that allow portal users to take actions on
documents or user names that appear in a portlet.
6.4 WebSphere Business Modeler
WebSphere Business Modeler products help organizations fully visualize,
comprehend, and document their business processes. They are based on
Eclipse technology. Rapid results can be obtained through the collaboration
functionality, where subject matter experts team to define business models and
eliminate inefficiencies. You can model business processes, deploy, monitor,
and take actions based upon key performance indicators (KPIs), alerts, and
triggers for continuous optimization. Business processes then get aligned with
strategic corporate objectives and honed as required. WebSphere Business
Modeler products can drive much more granular business insight and
knowledge, where knowledge equates to competitive advantage.

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