Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits

Book description

A comprehensive guide to quality improvement from the leading expert in information and data warehouse quality.

Each year, companies lose millions as a result of inaccurate and missing data in their operational databases. This in turn corrupts data warehouses, causing them to fail. With information quality improvement and control systems, like the ones described in this book, your company can reduce costs and increase profits from quality information assets. Written by an internationally recognized expert in information quality improvement, Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality arms you with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques for ensuring data quality both in source databases and the data warehouse. With the help of best-practices case studies, Larry English fills you in on:

  • How and when to measure information quality.

  • How to measure the business costs of poor quality information.

  • How to select the right information quality tools for your environment.

  • How to reengineer and cleanse data to improve the information product before it reaches your data warehouse.

  • How to improve the information creation processes at the source.

  • How to build quality controls into data warehouse processes.

AUTHORBIO: Larry P. English is the leading international expert in the field of information and data warehouse quality. He is a columnist for Data Management Review and a featured speaker at numerous Data Warehousing Conferences. Larry chairs Information Quality Conferences held around the world.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
    1. Who Should Read This Book
    2. Organization of This Book
    3. Internet Resources Available in Conjunction with This Book
    4. How to Use This Book
    5. The Maturing of the Information Age
    6. Information Quality Improvement: Beyond Data Cleansing
    7. Author's Warranty
  7. Part One: Principles of Information Quality Improvement
    1. Chapter 1: The High Costs of Low-Quality Data
      1. Why Data Warehouses Fail
      2. The Incredible Costs of Nonquality Data
      3. Information Quality and the Bottom Line
      4. Why Care about Information Quality?
    2. Chapter 2: Defining Information Quality
      1. What Is Quality?
      2. What Is Data?
      3. What Is Information Quality?
      4. Information Quality Defined
      5. Information Quality Components
      6. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 3: Applying Quality Management Principles to Information
      1. Customer Focus
      2. Continuous Process Improvement
      3. Scientific Methods
      4. Quality Approaches
      5. Applying Quality Principles to Information
      6. Information Quality as Customer Service
      7. Conclusion
  8. Part Two: Processes for Improving Information Quality
    1. Chapter 4: An Overview of Total Quality data Management (TQdM)
      1. Processes for Information Quality Improvement
      2. Processes for Information Quality in the Data Warehouse
    2. Chapter 5: Assessing Data Definition and Information Architecture Quality
      1. Data Definition Quality
      2. Information Product Specification Quality
      3. Assess Data Definition and Information Architecture Quality: Process Steps
      4. Data Definition Certification
    3. Chapter 6: Information Quality Assessment
      1. Objectives of Information Quality Assessment
      2. Pitfalls of Data Measurement Systems
      3. Information Quality Characteristics and Measures
      4. Applying Statistical Quality Control to Data
      5. Assess Information Quality: Process Steps
      6. Conclusion: Data Certification
    4. Chapter 7: Measuring Nonquality Information Costs
      1. Value and Costs of Information
      2. The Unmanaged Information Life Cycle
      3. Costs of Information Quality
      4. Measure Nonquality Information Costs: Process Steps
      5. Conclusion
    5. Chapter 8: Information Product Improvement: Data Reengineering and Cleansing
      1. Information Product Improvement
      2. Data Defects
      3. Reengineer and Cleanse Data: Process Steps
      4. How to Leverage Data Reengineering and Cleansing
      5. Conclusion
    6. Chapter 9: Improving Information Process Quality: Data Defect Prevention
      1. Why Make Information Process Quality Improvements?
      2. Improve Information Process Quality: Process Steps
      3. Best Practices and Guidelines for Information Quality
      4. Conclusion
    7. Chapter 10: Information Quality Tools and Techniques
      1. Tools for Information Quality Management
      2. Evaluating Information Quality Tools
      3. Techniques for Information Quality
      4. Conclusion
  9. Part Three: Establishing the Information Quality Environment
    1. Chapter 11: The 14 Points of Information Quality
      1. Deming's 14 Points for Management Transformation
      2. Point 1: Create Constancy of Purpose for Information Quality Improvement
      3. Point 2: Adopt the New Philosophy of Quality Shared Information
      4. Point 3: Cease Dependence on Information Product Quality Assessments Alone
      5. Point 4: End the Practice of Awarding Information Business on the Basis of Cost Alone
      6. Point 5: Continually Improve the Process of Data Development and Information Production
      7. Point 6: Institute Training on Information Quality
      8. Point 7: Institute Leadership for Information Quality
      9. Point 8: Drive Out Fear of Data Uncertainty
      10. Point 9: Break Down Barriers between Information Systems and Business Areas
      11. Point 10: Eliminate Slogans and Exhortations
      12. Point 11: Eliminate Quotas of Productivity with Metrics of Quality
      13. Point 12: Remove Barriers to Pride of Workmanship
      14. Point 13: Encourage Education and Self-Improvement
      15. Point 14: Accomplish the Transformation for Information and Business Quality
      16. Conclusion
    2. Chapter 12: Information Stewardship: Accountability for Information Quality
      1. Information Quality and Accountability
      2. Information Stewardship Roles
      3. Information Stewardship Teams
      4. Support Tools for Information Stewards
      5. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 13: Implementing an Information Quality Improvement Environment
      1. Critical Success Factors for Sustainable Information Quality
      2. Implementing Information Quality: Where to Start
      3. Sustaining Information Quality: How to Keep It Going
      4. Organizing for Information Quality
      5. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 14: Epilogue: Reaping the Benefits of Quality Information
      1. You Get There by Beginning
      2. Quality Information: Differentiator for Business Success
      3. The Bottom Line: Information Quality Improvement Reduces Costs and Improves Business Effectiveness
  10. Part Four: Appendixes
    1. APPENDIX A: Glossary
    2. APPENDIX B: Information Quality Recommended Reading and Bibliography
      1. Recommended Reading
      2. Bibliography
  11. Index

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  • Title: Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 1999
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780471253839