The Hispanic–Latino Entrepreneurs

In this section, the viewpoints of Hispanic–Latino entrepreneurs are offered. Specific names accompanying the interviews were omitted as a way of respecting personal privacy.

The authors wish to thank the following contributors for generously sharing their time and their views: (alphabetically) Geromino Chacon, Leslie Class, Tony Calderon, Michael Fernandez, David Fuentes, Sammy Garduno, Sylvia Klinger, Manuel Leon, Lu Camarena Meshulam, Francisco Negrete, Ruben Orozco, Ray Padron, Valeria Pasmanter, Valentin Rios, Jacqueline Rivera, Michelle Sanchez, Raul Soto, Miguel Tapia, Alex Torrenegra, and Eduardo Torres.

The insights provided constitute the views of the respondents and do not necessarily imply ...

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