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In the Shadow of the Dragon

Book Description

The made in China label has long dominated the lower end of the US manufacturing industry, effectively squeezing it out of existence. That's old news. What most people don't know is that China's global reach now extends much further. Chinese companies have entered higher-end markets: technology, financial services, transportation, energy and are emerging as powerhouse multinationals. In the Shadow of the Dragon is a meticulously researched expose of the most competitive companies in China. Based on interviews with Chinese business leaders and original case studies, the book provides: Profiles of key players, Insights into subtle yet powerful strategies used to gain market dominance, An understanding of the Chinese approach to going global, Analysis of the Chinese way of innovation, Advice on competing head-to-head or forming alliances with Chinese partners. Part primer, part survival guide, In the Shadow of the Dragon is the first book to lay bare the challenges looming ahead.