Chapter 23: 11 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website

Editor's Note: Google Analytics offers a wealth of valuable data to anyone managing a website, and is loaded with options. You don't need to know how to use all the features Google Analytics offers you, though—just the ones that will present you the data you need to track in way that is meaningful for your business. In this post, originally published March 1, 2012 on The Moz Blog, Eugen Oprea introduces 11 of Google Analytics' most accessible features.

The most common question that I am asked every day through social media networks, forums and email is “How do I get insights about my Google Analytics data?” People approach me saying that they have had a Google Analytics (GA) account for years, but they look only at page views or the number of visitors they get. This is wrong, so wrong, when they have powerful, free web analytics tools—tools that they could leverage to gather insights about their visitors, and then use those insights to better serve their visitors.

That's why in this chapter I will teach you some GA tricks that you should use for your website.

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1. Set Up Your Analytics Goals

After you install the tracking code on your website, you need to set up goals ...

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