Chapter 2

Introducing the Inbound Philosophy into Your Organization

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding inbound marketing as a philosophy

arrow Understanding inbound marketing as a connected system

arrow Learning whether inbound marketing makes sense for your organization

arrow Overcoming internal resistance to change

Whether you’re the CEO of an enterprise organization or a marketing intern tasked with checking out “this inbound marketing thing,” you may face forces that interfere with instituting inbound marketing in your organization. It’s easy for old habits and the temptation of others to reinforce a traditional mindset derailing the implementation process.

So, to the CEO I say: Be bold and courageous in leading your company into the forefront of the digital age. Inbound marketing is a proven process and it works. To the marketing person whose pleas for change fall on deaf ears I say: Follow the steps outlined in this chapter — create a case for inbound marketing as a business solution and in doing so you’ll create more value for yourself as an employee and for the marketing department as a whole. ...

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