Chapter 8

Connecting People with Your Products

In This Chapter

arrow Connecting your products with people

arrow Learning the 4 P’s of Inbound Marketing

arrow Closing gaps in communication

arrow Engaging with prospective buyers earlier in the buying cycle

Yours is a relationship business. Nearly every business is. If you’re a non-profit, you need relationships with the people whom you serve and the donors who support your cause. If you provide professional services, your “product” may be measured in time and results rather than in physical goods; however, it’s still a product, and it’s what connects you with your customers. If you’re a sole proprietor or consultant, you may actually be the product as defined by your reputation. So relationships matter when connecting people with your products.

In this chapter, I cover how inbound marketing creates deeper relationships by connecting your product with people via online content and communications. I introduce the new “4 P’s” of marketing and discuss how connecting earlier in the purchase path generates more opportunities to create conversions and customers. ...

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