Chapter 10

Organizing Your Website for Attraction and Conversion

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing a content management system (CMS)

arrow Appealing to visitors and to search engines

arrow Identifying website page-types

arrow Creating wireframes that work

arrow Building your blog

Why do you have a website? It’s a deceptively simple question with as many answers as there are websites. Yet, when I ask this question to prospective clients and marketers I’m frequently met with blank stares and silence. From an inbound-marketing standpoint, the reason your organization has a website is to attract and convert. That’s it.

tip Organizing your website for SEO helps you attract visitors because you’ll rank higher in the SERPs. Organizing your website to please your visitors causes conversions because you’re delivering what a customer (or prospective customer) wants. Both contribute to attraction and conversion.

Making Your Website ...

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