Chapter 12

Creating Valuable Content: The 4 E’s of Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why premium content matters

arrow Creating purposeful content

arrow Learning the 4 E’s of Content Marketing

arrow Exploring the different content forms

Without content, inbound marketing is nothing. Content connects you with your customers. Creating, publishing, and distributing meaningful content fuels engagement and interaction. Making sure your content is relevant to your individual target personas during each step of the purchase path opens opportunities for a customer dialogue, which in turn empowers your customers to trust your brand — simply because you’re listening.

Why Content Is King, Queen, Jack, and Your Ace in the Hole

You’ve heard the cliché: Content is king! When it comes to inbound marketing, content goes beyond fueling your website engine; it is the connective tissue between you and your customer for every step of the Buyer’s Journey. Your goal as an inbound marketer is to create content that facilitates meaningful connections.

Creating Content Strategy

As an inbound marketer, you ...

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