Chapter 16

Attracting Visitors with Paid Search

In This Chapter

arrow Valuing paid media as an input to your attraction factor

arrow Building a paid search campaign

arrow Knowing your paid media options

arrow Retargeting for reengagement

arrow Measuring your paid search efforts

Your attraction factor is comprised of earned media, owned media, and paid media inputs. This chapter covers the basics of paid digital media, including Google and Bing/Yahoo! PPC. The purpose of this chapter is to develop an appreciation of paid digital media as an integral component to your inbound marketing strategy.

Some inbound campaigns do not need paid media; some do. Paid media, however, should at least be considered as part of your overall attraction efforts. Otherwise, you ignore a significant portion of your potential leads and possibly motivated buyers as well. At the two marketing firms I’ve owned, we’ve managed paid search campaigns ranging from $2,000/month to $500,000/month, even though one of the firms was founded on pure ...

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